Bring the Sherwin-Williams ColorMix Forecast 2020 into Your Home
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Bring the Sherwin-Williams ColorMix Forecast 2020 into Your Home

Posted on October 10, 2019

  • Sherwin-Williams has created five different color palettes for 2020.
  • Each palette has a different inspiration to create a certain mood in a space in your home.
  • These suggested color combinations make it easy for you to choose the colors in your home when you’re redecorating.

Imagine being surrounded by paint colors that create a sense of joy, serenity, and focus for your mind, body and soul. These soothing yet invigorating Sherwin-Williams paint color schemes offer easy to work with color palettes that can be placed in a multitude of spaces and work with diverse tastes and design styles. The best part about each paint color palette is that they can relate to a part of your life and help enhance your mood.

Choosing the right color for your foyer or entryway, or anywhere in your house, can be a daunting task with endless possibilities, so how can you create the perfect palette? Thanks to Sherwin-Williams, you can take the guesswork out of choosing. The Colormix Forecast for 2020 is here.

What is the 2020 ColorMix Forecast?

Sherwin-Williams has introduced 45 paint color trends that are “spun into five welcoming and intuitive palettes that bring joy, serenity and focus to the mind, body and spirit.” The Sherwin-Williams ColorMix card contains five arranged color combos for your fool-proof method to balance colors.

“Sherin-Williams’ ColorMix forecast sets the tone for the year ahead and is a major trendsetter when it comes to home redesign,” says Susan Newcomer of Beautiful Home, CertaPro Painters® Interior Design. “The creatives there understand what homeowners are looking for and what’s standing out in the interior design world.”

To set your painting project in motion check out their suggestions for the trendy 2020 colors.


Create a serene, peaceful world with the muted but unique colors of Mantra. This color palette is what happens when “Nordic simplicity happily engages with the order and elegance of Japanese aesthetics to create a look that is the best of both worlds.”

Influenced by minimalism, serenity, and sanctuary, Mantra would make for a peaceful and fresh entryway color mix. But it’s simplistic mix of whites with an overall gray color palette make it versatile enough to be used anywhere in the home, while the barely-pink shade provides comfort and interest.


The Heart color palette is a blend of nine colors harmonizing to bring a meditative comfort found in everyday life. The earthy, natural tones are the perfect combination of modern design and bohemian vibes to create warmth and depth in your home.

Staying in touch with the desert color trends, these hues are delicate enough to be used in high-traffic areas but interesting enough to be used in bedrooms and bathrooms alike. Sherwin-Williams states that “humanity” is an influence of this palette, and its tenderness is meant to connect with all who enter the room.


Wake up and seize the day with the Alive color palette that breathes positivity and authenticity into your home. Beautiful neutrals come together to create a group of colors that inspire rejuvenation and authenticity.

Optimism is the main influence of this thought-provoking color combo. Anchored by deep blues, light blues, rich beiges and tans, this classic color combination has a twist of bright orange-golds to pop.


While the trend title perfectly encapsulates the colors within, ‘Play’ is one word that will definitely come to mind upon entering a room of the Play color palette . Pinks, teals, and aquas extend an invitation and set the stage for excitement.

Influences such as humor, joy, and energy make it the perfect color palette to use Play in a child’s room, a play room, or a bright and modern dining room.


Pull the beauty of nature into your home and create an oasis with the Haven color palette. This Earthy color palette inspired by Earth’s seasonal cycles and features rich, subtle shades of sea, sand, forest and sky. Haven’s calm wash of balanced deep and light greens, taupes and whites, navy is accented by a sprinkling of rich gold.

This palette was influenced by simplicity, material health, and conservation. Use Haven wherever you want to provide an escape, whether it’s the foyer, a bedroom, or the den.

Although these five balanced paint color palettes are beautiful, assigning them to each room in your home can still be tricky. But the experts at CertaPro Painters® can help. With their Color Consultation and Painting Services, you’ll meet with a professional color consultant who can assist you in choosing the perfect Colormix Forecast 2020 color palette for your space, whether the painting project is interior or exterior. And the CertaPro Painters® MyPaint Colors™ visualizer allows you to virtually paint the exterior of your home, so you’ll know exactly which colors to pick.

And when you are ready to paint, our CertaPro Painters® team would be happy to execute a professional painting refresh for your home. Call 1-800-689-7271 or schedule a free estimate online to get started!