Help Choosing Paint Colors You'll be Proud to Show Off

The CertaPro® My Paint Colors App is a paint color visualizer that allows you to virtually paint your home and choose the colors you like!

In , everyone chooses colors in their own way. Here we’ve assembled all the information you need to navigate your own path. Whether you already have firm color ideas, need inspiration from examples and palettes, want to work with a professional color consultant, or simply desire house painting color tips, CertaPro Painters® color resources make the color selection process simple and stress free.

Interior & Exterior Paint Color Tips

Intuitive concepts to keep in mind while you choose a palette for your painting project.

Start by checking out our Paint Color Ideas – a collection of inspiring ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Then take a look at our resources for Color Consulting – professional guidance that really makes a difference.

Finally, follow our tips for both interior and exterior painting projects.

Exterior house painting by CertaPro Painters® Exterior Tips:

  • When using the paint color visualizer , look for interesting architectural details, or add some, that can sparkle with a contrasting or accent color.
  • Drive through various neighborhoods, established and new, to see color in action. Make note of appealing exterior paint color schemes and adaptability to your own home.
  • Define the entry. Use exterior paint color as a “Welcome” sign to your home.
  • Windows are the eyes of a home — they can add or even define the character of a home. Decorating them lends crispness to the color scheme.
  • Consider the exterior colors that cannot change like roofing shingles, brick, slate or stone. Choose colors that incorporate or complement these tones.
  • Balance is important between light and deep colors, as well as warm and cool colors; consider not just the exterior paint color scheme, but all the elements that make up the surroundings.

Interior house painting by CertaPro Painters® Interior Tips:

  • Determine the mood you want to create with the room. Warmer tones are friendly and inviting. Cooler tones create calm and relaxing spaces.
  • Keeping the trim all one color provides continuity as you move from room to room. Stark white in a semi- or full-gloss creates a very formal look.
  • If you want your furniture, carpets, and artwork to be the focal points of the room, stay away from bold paint color choices which will compete with the furnishings for attention. Choose a wall color from a piece or two that will tie the elements together.
  • Darker colors make rooms seem smaller, so be especially careful selecting these if the room does not have a lot of natural light or the ceilings are low.
  • Adding a slightly lighter tint of the color you choose for the walls to the ceiling creates an intimate environment. This is often appropriate for dining rooms and master bedrooms.
  • Think about ‘flow’ and how the colors of neighboring rooms will work together. Very dark to very light transitions, or transitions from rooms with highly contrasting colors can either be jarring or invigorating.
  • Wet rooms (kitchens, baths, and laundry rooms), as well as hallways, benefit from having paints applied that can withstand scrubbing. While these can now be purchased in flat finishes, the satin and egg-shell finishes are better at resisting the absorption of moisture cooking and cleaning, as well as resisting oils and dirt from fingers.

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