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Wallpaper Installation Services

Once your old wallpaper is removed, you might want a fresh new design for your walls. CertaPro Painters® offers wallpaper installation services as well as removal, meaning we coordinate all aspects of the remodel for a quick and seamless experience. Our professional wallpaper installers deliver exceptional results every time, so you are sure that your ideas and designs are in safe hands.

The Difficulties Of DIY Wallpaper Installation

Many people try DIY wallpaper installation. Unfortunately, they don’t anticipate it being as big of a job as it is since they don’t know they will need to:

  • Accurately measure the walls.
  • Order the right amount of wallpaper.
  • Prep the walls for application.
  • Carefully and precisely cut the paper.
  • Apply the glue correctly.
  • Meticulously apply the wallpaper to the wall while ensuring the effect is perfectly smooth and even throughout.

Because of the complexity of the work, it’s very easy to make mistakes without the proper experience. Poorly installed wallpaper could result in visible mistakes in the wallpaper pattern that will be much more expensive to fix compared to simply hiring professional wallpaper installers in the first place.

Discovering The Perfect Wallpaper For You

CertaPro Painters® wallpaper installation services help with much more than traditional wallpapers. With alternative textures and styles of wallpaper being on trend this year, from thick sensory fabrics to smooth metallics, you pick the perfect design for your room, knowing it will be installed perfectly.
Many homeowners take advantage of our additional wallpaper installation services including:

  • Vinyl wallpaper (including solid sheet vinyl, vinyl coated fabric, and vinyl coated paper).
  • Non-woven wallpaper.
  • Easy-walls wallpaper.
  • Grasscloth wallpaper.