How often should stucco be painted?

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How often should stucco be painted?

Stucco is a popular exterior choice due to its durability. However, a stucco home will still need exterior maintenance. It is often recommended that stucco be painted every 5-10 years depending on its current condition. Each stucco home may have a different timeline on when it will need repairs and maintenance. Some factors include climate, the previous painting service, and how well you take care of your home.

It is imperative that stucco homeowners invest in routine maintenance, and be on the lookout for any small cracks that may show up around the home. In order to help your home last, any structural issues should be repaired as soon as possible. Here at CertaPro Painters®, we can refresh the paint at your stucco home flawlessly.

Stucco Painting Services

While the general premise of painting a stucco home is similar to a sided one, there are other factors that go into the process of stucco painting. In order for paint to last, you need to keep local environmental factors in mind when having your stucco home painted. Below are a few tips for painting stucco homes.

Do you live in a moisture-rich environment?

Stucco homes can be built anywhere, but they typically do better in arid climates. A stucco home can also withstand high temperatures. Most homeowners value stucco homes for their ability to stand the test of time. If you have a stucco home and live in a moisture-rich environment, you may need to invest in painting and repairs more frequently than others.

Have you noticed hairline cracks?

One of the more common issues that occur at a stucco home are hairline cracks. The standard repair procedure for small hairline cracks is to cover them with a new coat of paint. Any large cracks can signal bigger problems are occurring at your stucco home. You will want to consult with a professional to make sure that nothing structural is going on prior to painting.

Are there white streaks along your stucco?

Any white streaks can be a telltale sign of moisture damage. If your stucco home has moisture damage, it can’t be simply painted over. The bigger problem will need to be addressed prior to scheduling your next exterior painting service.

Check for Mold and Other Damages

Have you noticed any mold, cracking, or peeling along the outside of your stucco home? These are all signs that you are due for an exterior refresh. If there are no bigger problems to contend with, these cosmetic issues can be painted.

Could your home use a modern touch?

Your stucco home doesn’t have to be damaged to have a fresh coat of paint applied. If you would like to update your exterior color or simply give your home a much needed facelift, our painters have got you covered!

What type of paint should be used on stucco?

Believe it or not, all paints are not created equal. Here at CertaPro Painters®, we only trust products from reputable brands like Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore. It is essential to have professional-grade solutions applied to your home if you want paint to last. Elastomeric paint is often a great choice for stucco homes. Our painting contractors can help you find the best type of paint for any exterior project.

What You Need to Know Before Painting Stucco

When you paint a stucco home, the entire home should be painted. This will make sure that your color completely matches for a flawless finish. Prep work is also imperative during a stucco home painting project. Our painting contractors can provide you with a professional power washing service, or you can complete a DIY cleaning on your exterior. Two coats of paint are recommended for a stucco home.

Stucco Maintenance and Painting Services from CertaPro Painters®

CertaPro Painters® have been painting and renovating stucco homes in our local service areas for years. We know the ins and outs of stucco repairs and maintenance. Reach out to us today to get started on your next stucco painting project. You can request a free estimate by completing our online form today. We would love to help you restore your stucco home’s natural beauty with our professional painting services.

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