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From Politics to Painting: How Darcy Scott is Making a Name For Herself at CertaPro Painters®

Posted on March 8, 2021

politics to paintingIf Darcy Scott has one thing to be thankful for last year, it’s opening her business. The day before Thanksgiving 2020, Darcy and her husband Mark purchased their franchise, CertaPro Painters® of Southern Maryland, and have been enjoying the ride ever since.

Before joining CertaPro Painters®, Darcy spent decades working in Washington D.C.’s political scene. She has filled various roles from Donor Advisor for the Stern Family Fund to Senior VP of Government Affairs at M+R Strategic Services, and Senior Policy Advisor for the National Center of Healthy Housing. For the past ten years, she has served as an independent consultant, running events large and small.

These experiences taught Darcy how to work with people and advocate for them in a way that unexpectedly translates to running a community-focused painting franchise.

Transitioning from Politics to Painting

Over a decade ago, Darcy was let go from a job. Though it came as a complete shock, it served as the inspiration to run her own business one day.

“I had never been fired before, but once the shock wore off, I realized the clients I worked with did not think the company provided their service; they thought I did,” says Darcy. “I came to an agreement with the company I was leaving and took all those clients with me. I have never looked back – it was the best thing that ever happened to me.”

Eventually, Darcy and her husband decided they wanted a business they could directly lead and grow rather than working for others.

“We have different strengths and weaknesses. By working together, we can compensate for each other and build this business together.”

They decided to work with a franchise consultant to help them choose a franchise that spoke most to their core values. That turned out to be CertaPro Painters®. The franchise’s structure and systems made Mark and Darcy feel comfortable taking over a business in an industry they didn’t know much about.

“There are a million franchises out there, and a consultant can help you target the franchises that meet your needs, priorities, and values — all of which were spot on for us as we learned about CertaPro Painters®. I highly recommend the decision if you are comfortable being a leader and taking some risk. The reward is well worth it.”

Southern Maryland Painting Company Focuses On Giving Back

Darcy has worked with Habitat for Humanity International on their Habitat on the Hill annual advocacy event for over a decade. Now as an owner of a CertaPro Painters® business, she has been able to put that advocacy into action. Through their franchise, Mark and Darcy have committed to help paint a house for a single mom and her son being built by their local Habitat for Humanity.

“We have a strong residential book of business, but any time we can take that time and talent and do more for others, we will pitch in and take pride in doing so.”

Darcy also enjoys working on projects that result in a dramatic change. She finds that white washing a fireplace or simply painting the kitchen cabinets can be a game changer in a home and are very satisfying for both the client and the team.

Franchise Owner Brings Female Voice to Male-Dominated Industry

Painting may be a male-dominated industry, but thanks to Darcy’s strong sense of self, she feels like she’s able to deal with challenges head-on. Additionally, she volunteers to be on committees to ensure there is always a female voice at the table.

“I find that I often need to remind other owners that I am their ideal customer so they should value my opinion. However, they realize pretty quickly that I know what I am talking about.”

For other women who are looking to start their own business, Darcy advises believing in yourself.

“Is there something magical about the boss you have now? If not, then why not hire yourself?”


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