Costs and Fee for CertaPro Painters® Franchise

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Initial Investment

We know you want to start a business, but going it alone means minimal support and help for success. Joining a franchise means starting a business with established brand recognition and a proven path to success. You have many options when it comes to starting a franchise business. Each franchise opportunity has different investment requirements, including startup fees. CertaPro Painters® makes owning a franchise affordable for just about anyone.

We know you want to be successful, and we want our success to be yours to make your dream of business ownership a reality. The total investment to start a CertaPro franchise ranges from $171,000 to $302,500. The cost ranges that make up the total investment are broken down below.

Initial Franchise Fee$65,000$65,000
Commercial Services Fee$10,000$10,000
Advertising & Marketing$40,000$40,000
Miscellaneous Opening Costs$2,000$5,000
Office Equipment$500$5,000
Contractor License$250$7,500
Computer System and Proprietary Software$9,000$11,500
Travel and Living Expenses While Training$1,000$4,000
Real EstateVariesVaries
Additional Funds$19,500$75,000
Total Investment$171,000$302,500

What do you get?

CertaPro Painters® allows franchisees to use the following marketing materials with the CertaPro trademark: operations manual, business format, website and other technological assets to operate a painting and decorating business.

The CertaPro license gives franchisees the right to paint and decorate residential buildings within a specific geographical region.

About the Training

Training location is in Audubon, Pennsylvania. It can also occur at the franchise owners location.

New CertaPro franchise owners must attend and complete all three sections of the Development Owner Training/School. The three sections include:

  • Development Owner School 101
  • Development Owner School 201
  • Development Owner Summit

The Development Owner School 101 has two components:

  • Four weeks of instructor led virtual classroom training
  • One week of live classroom training

The one week live classroom training runs for five days consecutively. Exercises will be assigned as “training homework”.

Upon completion of Development Owner School 101, the franchisee is required to attend a webinar class Monday afternoons, which lasts 10 weeks and are 1.25 hours long.

The Development Owner Summit is an annual training event for first year franchise owners. It lasts two days and is held in April.

Training calls referred to as Forum Group are also available and required. Each one is web-based and 30 minutes long.


Each franchisee receives a territory in which to promote residential painting and decorating services. The size of the territory depends on many factors:

  • Prospective Residential Clients
  • Paint Sales Data
  • Experian Consumer Buying Patterns
  • 30 Years of Historical Sales Data

The territory boundaries are determined by zip codes. These zip codes are assigned to a franchise owner before the Franchise Agreement is signed.

A franchisee cannot serve customers in other territories unless permitted to do so by the franchisee in that territory.

Commercial painting and decorating services are not limited to exclusive territories.


Franchisees must complete all required trainings and operate their business on a full-time basis. Only approved services can be sold by franchise owners, and they can only sell these services for the term of the Franchise Agreement.

Franchise Agreement Renewals

The length of the franchise term is 10 years. When the term expires, the franchise owner can enter into another contract as long as requirements are met. Terms and conditions are based on the current terms and conditions, at the time of renewal, by the franchisor..

Financial Support

Financial assistance can be used to pay for half of the franchise fee upon approval. Financing through the IFA’s VetFran Program for veterans is available as well as an SBA loan or 401(K). These financing options are subject to approval.

Franchisees who are part of the CertaPro System are eligible for faster SBA loan processing through the SBA’s Franchise Registry Program.

CertaPro does not offer financing at this time.

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