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Painting Your Exterior Provides Protection

Posted on April 29, 2022

If you asked most homeowners about the benefits that come from painting your exterior, most of them would say it improves your home’s curb appeal & updates the look of your home. These answers are absolutely true. Most of the time the above features are all people think about when deciding to re-paint the exterior of their home.

But did you know that painting your exterior also provides a lot more benefits to your home?

Exterior paint does a lot more than make your home look pretty.

It’s also:

  1. A protective shield.
  2. A last line of defense.
  3. And a sealant that safeguards.
  4. It preserves the materials it covers

Paint adds an additional layer of Water Resistance

Like a powerful shield, exterior house paint forms a barrier that repels rain, snow, ice, and even the airborne moisture in more humid areas of the world. A great paint job with really thorough caulking prevents your wood siding and trim from absorbing the water that would otherwise cause rot, mold, mildew, and staining.

Paint is extra protection from extreme temperatures

No matter how much the seasonal temperature fluctuations cause your home to settle, expand and contract, your exterior paint handles it with no problem. No matter if you have 104 degree summers, -20 winters or both, a good quality exterior paint will protect the surface it covers under the most extreme weather conditions.

Exterior paint is engineered to be flexible, it will grow and shrink right along with the surfaces it is painted on. Cracking and peeling occurs when the paint loses its flexibility, usually from age. This is another great argument to not delay re-painting your exterior for too long.

Paint keeps out bugs & other creepy, crawly wood-boring things

A healthy layer of exterior paint is effective at keeping carpenter ants, bees and other wood-boring insects from invading your home. Of course, it is only designed as a barrier on the surfaces it covers; it cannot be relied upon to keep out insects that enter by other means. But it will do a good job of keeping bugs out of the surface it covers if the paint is kept current and not too old.

Exterior paint resists the sun’s radiation

Just as the sun’s light poses a danger to the surface of our skin, it also poses a danger to our homes’ surface. The ultraviolet radiation from the sun causes several types of deterioration to wood, metal, and vinyl. Exterior house paint provides a renewable layer of defense, keeping the materials underneath the paint safe from the Sun’s rays.


Water, sunlight, and bugs don’t sound very threatening, do they? But water causes rot, mold, mildew, and staining. Sunlight causes warping, twisting and cracking. And wood-boring insects can undermine the structural integrity of a house at an alarming rate.

Now they sound pretty scary, don’t they?

These are just a few of the relatively unknown benefits of a great painting job. CertaPro painters can help you give your home’s exterior the curb appeal & protection it deserves. Our color consultants can help you choose the perfect color, or even a whole color palette for your home.

When you’re ready to paint your home’s exterior, give CertaPro Painters of Portland a call at 503-610-4700  or schedule a free estimate online today!