Stucco Painting and Repair for Commercial Properties

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Commercial Stucco Painting and Repair for Commercial Properties

Repairing and painting stucco for long-lasting durability for your business or commercial property requires skill and expertise. The professionals at the independently owned and operated CertaPro Painters® near you will ensure the process is properly planned and successfully completed. With over twenty-five years of experience, the painting professionals at your independently owned and operated CertaPro Painters® know how to inspect your commercial property and do the job right, every time.

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Proper Commercial Stucco Painting and Repair by Professional Contractors

Stucco is a cement or lime-based plaster widely used as the exterior finish of many buildings. Attractive, durable, long-lasting stucco can endure for decades. That said, weather conditions can be harsh on the exterior of any property. Faded colors due to sun drenching, cracks and blisters caused by heat or storms, cracks and chipping due to age require maintaining stucco year after year so that it, and your commercial property, remain attractive. CertaPro Painters® is a preferred, dependable resource for thousands of commercial property managers and building owners each year.

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Repairing Your Commercial Stucco Exterior

The process of repairing stucco on commercial properties is complex. A thorough inspection by the commercial professionals at CertaPro Painters® provides commercial customers like you with expert guidance on how best to approach your specific project. With a detailed proposal, plan and schedule, they’ll prep and repaint your stucco surface for outstanding results in both appearance and long-lasting durability.

Like so many other business or commercial property exteriors, you will eventually find that time takes its toll. Even seemingly small hairline cracks in your stucco can cause significant damage to a building. Commercial building-settling causes cracks to appear in stucco, while extremes in weather including heat, rain, snow, and flooding can fade or discolor the finish. Another reason your stucco may require repair and painting is moisture, which can permeate the material. In an extremely wet climate building exteriors can experience damage to the framing of the property, too. So it’s important to inspect frequently and when needed, quickly repair stucco failures.