Repainting Commercial Masonite Siding

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Repainting Commercial Masonite Siding

Masonite siding is composed of compressed wood fibers and produced using shredded wood chips, which are heated and mixed to form fine wood fibers. These fibers are then pressed together under high levels of heat and pressure to form a solid sheet of material. Uncoated Masonite board more readily absorbs water because of its composition when compared to other wood siding types. So, Masonite siding needs to be properly painted when new and during its useful life in order to protect it from damage. Properly maintained, Masonite can be a long-lasting exterior siding material for your business or commercial property. When your Masonite siding needs repainting or re-staining, it is essential to do so right away to ensure that irreparable damage does not occur. The correct prep work, expert caulking and appropriate paints or stains need to be used to ensure the Masonite siding lasts for a long time. It’s a commercial painting job best suited for the professionals at the independently owned and operated CertaPro Painters® near you.

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Commercial Masonite Siding Repainting Solutions

Repainting your Masonite siding may seem like a simple task that any maintenance crew can take on. Be careful if this is your path, however. Not employing correct techniques can shorten the useful life of this siding. Also, any damaged Masonite siding panels painted before 1978 may contain lead. There are required disposal regulations for these panels that must be adhered to if dealing with lead paint during your commercial repainting project. Masonite is easily damaged, so use caution when scraping off layers of old paint and sanding the surface. Also, Masonite siding will need a coat of primer prior to painting. A primer that is appropriate for Masonite is necessary and the siding must completely dry before applying top-coats of paint. When large-scale commercial Masonite painting projects are undertaken, the use of paint sprayers can make the process faster and less costly. The professionals at CertaPro Painters® use the correct equipment and nozzles to avoid making mistakes, resulting in an appealing finish. Taking shortcuts or allowing inexperienced painters to perform the work on Masonite siding may cause problems that hiring a professional crew to perform the work will avoid.

Proper Masonite Siding Repainting by Professional Contractors

Using the correct preparation techniques, equipment, primers, and finish coatings will enable exterior Masonite to last longer and keep its good looks. Not removing the previous paint correctly or sanding the surface can cause damage to Masonite siding. Working with a professional service like CertaPro Painters® will ensure that the proper methods and paint are used according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Start your Masonite repainting project today with CertaPro Painters®.