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Exterior Painting Project for Arcade in Pigeon Forge, TN

When this renowned arcade in Pigeon Forge contacted us for an estimate, we were more than delighted to visit! Pigeon Forge is among the most premier luxury areas of Tennessee, well known as being a hotspot for locals and tourists alike. Whether one’s attending the local creek or the local zoo, the foot traffic to this business is incredibly high. Here at CertaPro Painters, we were honored and privileged to fully repaint the exterior of this popular and iconic arcade, beloved by our local community. Read on to learn more about this classic property and why it needed painting.

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The examination of the property indicated a total square footage of roughly 5,000 square feet. The property’s height was equivalent to a four-story building, and a number of exterior customizations like LED light strips served to complicate the painting process.

For those unaware with the area, Pigeon Forge is located a short drive from The Great Smoky Mountains National Park, the most popular national park in the country. Millions of visitors have attended this arcade in the past, and many more will in the years to come. For a project of such importance, painting lasted for four weeks between April & May of 2021.

Key Challenges:

Aside from the power lines being so close to the building, we also had a limited number of hours to work each day, thanks to the massive foot traffic coming into the business. In fact, the property was so busy on weekends, we simply could not attend to painting. Even if we could, there was a minor issue with man-power. For a project of this magnitude, we brought only our most experienced painters to the job, hence the 4 weeks. If we’d cut corners, it could have been done sooner, but the CertaPro Team always gives 110%, every time.

General Repairs:

There was minor stucco & EIFs damage that had to be attended to before painting could begin. A thorough power washing was also necessary to ensure proper paint adhesion in the following step.

Full Exterior Painting:

While a standard residential home might only require one or two coats of paint, this commercial property featured multiple shades of bold colors neccesitating a triple coat of Sherwin Williams Resilience for each color, on each surface. As you can tell by the photos, the client’s new color scheme was a beautiful vision, brought to life by the hard work and dedication of CertaPro Painters.

Final Walkthrough:

As always, our CertaPro team is not satisfied until you are. Only when the client was completely satisfied, did we depart and leave the arcade ready to impress the next round of visitors.

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The CertaPro team surveyed the area and documented sections that would require their attention.

Exterior Before Painting

Exterior Before Painting

The exterior surfaces only needed a few small stucco repairs before painting.

Fading Paint Colors

Fading Paint Colors

The exterior colors on the building had started to fade to sun exposure and time.

Exterior Close Up

Exterior Close Up

We set up cones and worked in off hours to not interfere with traffic and pedestrian traffic.


After the project was completed, the arcade has an updated exterior with bold colors that will draw the attention of tourists in the area.

After Painting

After Painting

A 45' articulating lift was used to reach all of the surfaces on the exterior of the building.

Updated Bold Colors

Updated Bold Colors

We did have to apply 3 coats of paint to most surfaces due to the bold colors we were using and covering up, but we accounted for that in our bid.

5000 sq feet of surface painted

5000 sq feet of surface painted

This building was in the heart of Pigeon Forge, TN We started the project in late April 2021 and finished mid-May 2021.

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