Commercial Field Operations Manager

Learn more about the Commercial Field Operations Manager Position with Certa ProPainters, Ltd.

Working as a Commercial Field Operations Manager

The Commercial Field Operations Manager’s (CFOM) primary role is to support franchise owners, key staff, and production crews in development of national leading commercial production skills, capability, and capacity. This role will provide primary support within the region by developing and implementing training for multiple environments including live job site training, remote support, classroom-based instruction, and hands on training workshops. The CFOM will work with a partner to both demonstrate and train concepts and skills required for top level commercial painting operations including but not limited to production tools, material choice, best practices, project estimating, production rates, crew selection, crew management, project planning, job profit tracking, and market-based performance standards. The CFOM team is tasked with driving continuous improvement and expert level execution of these skills throughout the largest painting company in North America and is a highly demanded and respected role within our organization.

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Performance Measures

  • Implement successful on-site training events resulting in development of highly competent and efficient commercial painting crews.
  • Assist franchises in improving success rate in landing larger commercial painting projects by developing accurate project estimates for hours and gallons
  • Achieve consistent growth throughout the franchise system in completed commercial sales.
  • Assist in development of training material and methodologies to be implemented on a national scale
  • Support development of programmatic production systems and pricing for national level clients
  • Drive successful, profitable, and scalable regional and national level production planning for national level clients
  • Assist franchisees to achieve and maintain a healthy level of profit on their commercial revenue.
  • Assist franchisees to achieve and maintain high customer satisfaction ratings that meet the organizational standards as measured through the Net Promotor Scoring system.
  • Model activity and behavior in line with Company Standards as defined in its Standard Operating Procedures manual.

Qualifications and Requirements

  • Bilingual Spanish/English
  • Outstanding interpersonal and organizational skills
  • Proven ability to work remotely while overseeing different markets
  • Demonstrated continuous success in producing profitable projects under budget
  • Minimum of 8 years of commercial painting experience
  • Minimum 4 years job site or project management role responsible for tracking labor and material costs/budgets
  • Ability and excitement to work hands on to lead others toward highly improved production skills and knowledge
  • Up to 50% travel
  • Must be willing to take a pre-employment assessment
  • Must pass a background check and credit check
  • Self organization and experience working from home
  • Four-year college degree in related field preferred
  • Candidate lives in the Western or Central regions

Benefits and compensation

  • A salary range and benefit information for this position is available by contacting [email protected].
  • Health, vision and dental insurance
  • Life insurance
  • 401k
  • Exceptional training provided


  • Remote position