Choosing Paints That Meet Historical Preservation Standards

Choosing Paints That Meet Historical Preservation Standards

Posted on March 27, 2024

Preserving the unique charm and history of a historic home takes time, patience, and plenty of hard work. When renovating such a home, every decision matters. One major decision that comes around for historic homes includes selecting the right paint for any interior or exterior painting project. This alone has many facets a historic homeowner has to think about. After all, it’s not just color that historical homeowners have to think about when choosing a paint. Any paint applied to a historic home will also have to meet historical preservation standards

In short, this means picking colors and finishes that work with the uniqueness of the home. By taking the time to choose the right paint, the home can maintain its authentic and unique appearance for years to come. Our trusted historical home painters have compiled a list of everything you need to keep in mind when choosing the paint for your historic home. 

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Understanding Historical Preservation Standards

Historical preservation focuses on conserving the authenticity and historical significance of historic buildings. It’s essential to adhere to these historical preservation standards to maintain the home’s original appearance and value. Key aspects of preservation standards include:

  • Choose Authentic Colors: Use paints that closely match the original colors and finishes of the home’s era.
  • Consider Compatibility: Choose paints that are compatible with the home’s original construction materials to prevent damage.
  • Keeping Documentation: Maintain records of the home’s architectural features and original paint colors. You can use past restoration work to guide the paint selection process!

By following these preservation standards, you can ensure the painting process respects and preserves the unique history and character of your historic home.

3 Key Considerations When Choosing Paint for a Historic Home

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Color Authenticity 

One of the most important aspects of painting a historic home is ensuring the colors authenticity of the era and style of home. For example, a Victorian-era home might feature rich, deep colors like burgundy or forest green, while a Colonial-era home could have more subdued tones like colonial blue or muted red. It’s also important to consider regional and period-specific colors to maintain the home’s historical accuracy. We recommend looking at historical color charts or consult with preservation experts to find the right shades for your historic home.

Paint Finish and Texture

The type of paint finish and texture you choose can significantly impact the overall look and feel of a historic home. Here are some historical paint finishes to consider:

  • Flat Finish: This finish has a matte appearance and was commonly used in older homes. It can help to hide imperfections on the walls and ceilings.
  • Gloss Finish: This high-sheen finish was often used on trim and woodwork in historic homes. It provides a classic, elegant look but may require more maintenance.


Selecting a durable paint is essential for preserving the beauty and integrity of a historic home. Quality paint that resists environmental factors, such as UV rays and moisture, is important for maintaining the paint’s color and finish over time. That is why we recommend choosing high-quality, durable paints specifically made for exterior and interior surfaces to protect your historic home.

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Our Historical Home Painters Can Help

Choosing the right paint for a historic home can be a challenging task. Our team of experienced historical home painters is here to help! CertaPro Painters® has expertise in historical preservation standards and techniques and can assist you in selecting the perfect paint that meets preservation standards while keeping the unique history and charm of your historic home.

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