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Social Purpose Statement

CertaPro Painters® believes that in a world of little or diminishing certainty, we strive to deliver certainty, one extraordinary customer experience at a time. This extends well beyond the time we are privileged to have with our customers while we are entrusted to paint their walls and structures. At CertaPro Painters® we are every bit as committed to helping those in need through doing deeds and giving service in our local communities as we are to painting properties.

The CertaPro Painters® family of franchisees, employees, team members and corporate staff – individually and collectively – devote our time, energies and resources to making the lives of those less fortunate a little more certain. It happens in both small and more organized ways throughout the year and in communities across North America. It is part of our core identity and brand values that have always shaped us. It is what we hold as our greater purpose and the legacy we can be proud to leave behind.