05 July 2019

How to hire a painter – what to know

Getting your home painted is a big job, inside or out. It’s an inevitable project that invades your personal space. You can keep your walls and exterior looking good by bringing in painters, but you want to get the right company. Here is how to hire a painter and what to know before you do.Read the full article

27 June 2019

The Best Paint for Outdoor Wood Decks

Painting your deck does so much more than just make it more beautiful, it gives the wood an extra layer of protection. You want your paint to work as hard as you do when you paint it on. So what’s the best paint choice for your project? Our pros weigh in on the best paintRead the full article

10 June 2019

Is it time to paint my house? 5 Signs

The paint on your home is the first defense against the elements. The weather is nice so it’s time to get outdoors and give your home a once over. Procrastinating with this project could add up to costly repairs. Your home could be telling you it’s time to paint. Here are 5 signs it’s timeRead the full article

13 May 2019

10 Beach Themed Paint Colors

You don’t have to live on the coast to bring the beach to your home. Turn your home into a permanent vacation by painting it like the beach. Try these colors created to form a tropical pallet for your home with paint. Here are 5 beach-themed paint colors. If you need professional assistance and areRead the full article

08 April 2019

Finish Up: Choose The Perfect Commercial Wall Finish

Commercial properties take a lot of wear and tear on a daily basis. Offices and retail spaces are prone to knicks and dings. It’s important for the life of your paint to choose the perfect commercial wall finish. Besides considering the scope and timing of the project, picking a color and finish could be moreRead the full article

01 March 2019

6 of The Best Modern Paint Colors for Bedrooms

The cost to renovate a bedroom can get pricey with new furniture and flooring. Take the budget-friendly way out and add a new color to the walls to turn your bedroom into a master. If you are not sure where to begin with color, here are 6 of the best modern paint colors for bedrooms.Read the full article

06 February 2019

Curb Colors: 12 Exterior Paint Colors to Help Sell Your House

Looking to sell your home? Nothing goes further in the selling process than a new exterior color. It’s the first impression your home will give the new owners. Make sure you choose a shade that has a wide appeal and will want to make the owners come home to it. That doesn’t mean you haveRead the full article