The Most Popular Paint Colors for Homes

If you’re stuck trying to think of a paint color for your home, try out these colors:

• Millennial Pink

As with most thing millennial, this one’s over. The millennials are growing into adulthood and shedding their pink skins. Market saturation has reached critical mass with most brands selling buckets labelled as this pink.

• Blue-Green

A lot of homeowners try to bring the tropics into their home with a vibrant blue-green. As an added benefit, the color is said to be very tranquil and relaxation inducing.

• Matte Black

Even Kylie Kardashian has a matte black polish. KitchenAid has mixers. Matte black is everywhere. If you haven’t adopted the tire-tread black on your walls yet, maybe think twice.

• Greige

It’s not quite gray and not quite beige but it’s overly popular as a neutral that’s not overdone. The past few years have brought greige to many a wall and homeowners seem to love it.

• Copper

Orange clay seemed like a good idea from the desert. It warmed up spaces and created a bold choice for homeowners.

• Yellow

Creating a bright and creative space is easy with a yellow. The bright hue can be easy to use in homes. Color coordination is relatively easy.

• Beige

For a decade, it seemed every house had a beige room. It’s neutral, it works with any style and it matches nearly all colors.

• Lilac

Lilac falls into the millennial pink category. It’s on the upswing of a trend and will be huge in the coming months/years. Catch this one for girly rooms or powder rooms.

• Taupe

Camel, coffee, sandy beach. All colors of taupe. This color offers a bit of neutral with a splash of brown. It’s a more trendy option for those considering beige.

• Eggshell

A classic home choice, but this shade not only turns off buyers, it has been researched that homes in eggshell sell for less.

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