Common House Painting Questions

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Painting is something we do everyday, but for you, it may be something you only do every few years. So, you probably have a few questions. Below is a list of the usual questions. However, if you have more questions, please ask. We’re happy to help!

What time will your painters arrive?

Our painters arrive between 8AM and 8:30AM. They will need someone at the property to give access unless other arrangements have been made.

How long will the painters be at my house / How long will the painting project take?

Our team wraps up their day between 4 and 5PM so we don’t disturb your dinner. As for the time frame for your project, the length depends on what we have to complete. You can find the time frame estimate in your proposal given to you by your Salesperson.

Do I need to do any landscaping before the painters arrive?

If there are plants or vegetation within a foot of the home, this will need to be trimmed back. We’re not all super skinny and need a little space to properly apply the paint. So, take some time before the project starts to clear away some landscaping. Your Production Manager and Salesperson can give you tips on what is needed for your particular project.

What do I need to do inside my home to get ready for the paint job?

For your interior paint project, you’ll need to get the rooms ready that will be painted. That means that any fragile items should be put away, preferably out of the room that will be painted; any furniture that you can move, should be moved to the center of the room, and any wall hangings need to be taken down and stored.

How long will the paint job last? When will I need to paint again?

Interior – An interior paint project really has a lot to do with wear and tear. If you have a high traffic area, it’s going to need to be repainted more frequently than a room that has little to no traffic.

Exterior – There are numerous factors in that time frame such as which side of the house gets the most sun, or if sprinklers are throwing water on the home regularly, or even the surface we’re painting. Based on so many factors, it’s hard to put an exact time frame, but we can put a range expecting approximately 5 to 15 years.

Do I need to be home while the painters are there? 


What is the process for painting the house? What do you do first?

a. Exterior – Power wash first – keep windows closed
b. Prep work
c. Spot prime where necessary
d. Paint
e. Interior – Move the furniture

Pets? What do I do with my pet while the painters are working on the house?

Please keep the animals out of the paint area. Keep doors closed

Do I need to worry about my carpet or floors during the painting project?

No, we cover all the areas where we will be painting