Outdoor Painting for Concrete and Patio Makeovers

With summer winding down it’s your last hurrah to get your outside paint jobs completed. One way to spruce up your exterior spaces is with painting on the floors. Here is how to complete outdoor painting for concrete and patio makeovers.

A new outdoor entertaining space is just a bucket of paint away with an afternoon of work. The new space will be perfect to host an end of season barbecue or farewell to summer after dinner drink.


To begin your renovation project, you have to clean. Remove any objects in the area that could slow down your work. Moving seamlessly between tasks will help you get done with the work quicker. Labor day is coming after all! Remove decorative items, furniture, grills and other items that could impede workflow.


Concrete must be washed. It is an excellent surface to hide dirt and grime. Before you paint, you must remove the dirt for good adhesion. Get some degreaser and scrub away caked in dirt. Some do it yourself-ers choose to rent a power washer to make quick work of the washing. As a bonus, it will blast dust away too.


When it comes to concrete, the flooring is great at holding onto water. It must be completely dried before you proceed any further. Anywhere with seeping or pooling water should be repaired. Concrete flooring can take anywhere from several hours to several days to thoroughly dry.


Sanding is necessary to provide a tooth for paint adhesion. Whether you are working on previously painted or virgin concrete, there is a top coat that must be removed and roughed up. When it’s destroyed, you’re done. Vacuum up the dust and follow it up by wiping the floor down with a tack cloth.


Any required repairs should be completed now. Look closely at the floor for divots, cracks and other imperfections. Follow the directions on a concrete patch compound. Use a trowel to patch holes and cracks. Allow ample dry time and then spot sand the area before moving on.


For priming and painting, a roller will make faster work and save your back. Roll two coats of high quality concrete primer with dry time in between.


Once the primer is dry, you can start to apply the epoxy paint. Concrete and patios will require at least two coats to stand up to the weather and foot traffic. Try to work around the weather so the paint has dry time without rain. See our guide on paints for outdoor projects for more product selection information.


Finally, use a new roller and apply your masonry sealer. It will take several coats of it to create a complete seal. Always read and follow the manufacturer’s directions when it comes to coats and dry times between.

Follow these instructions, in combination with manufacturer’s directions and you will have a beautiful patio or concrete floor for the entire season.

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