Benefits of Painting Stucco Surfaces

house in long beach painted
A stucco home painted by our team in Long Beach, CA

Stucco is one of the most common types of exterior surfaces in the Long Beach, CA service area. It is an attractive and effective building material that works to protect the home from the outdoors and pests. Overall stucco is fairly low maintenance, but over time it will crack and fade. Keeping stucco maintained with exterior paint and repairs will greatly extend the life of the surface, the early problems are found and fixed the better.

Protection from Water & Moisture

Stucco can absorb moisture. Water damage is the most common type of problem we see on stucco homes in Long Beach. Water damage can be prevented. A new coat of paint will help repel water away from the core material and prevent absorption.  If water has already made its way into the stucco, sometimes its best to replace that section of the wall prior to painting. It’s important to spot check for issues like failing gutters, or lawn watering systems to see if water is hitting any stucco surfaces during rain or lawn watering schedules.

Cover up Stains & Imperfections

Stucco can stain with time for a variety of reasons. Rust from nail heads, water stains from sprinklers, and faded colors in areas due to sun exposure are all common causes of stains on stucco surfaces. A fresh coat of paint will even out the exterior colors and cover up any stained areas. Some colors are less likely to show stains, this may be an opportunity to swap to a new color with this in mind. If you need help with color selection, we can help with color consulting services.

Hairline Crack Repair

Its common and normal for stucco to develop small hairline cracks over time. Its not a cause for alarm, however you should be looking to fill in cracks as they appear to prevent water or pest intrusion. For hairline cracks,  often painting is all that is required for the repair. The paint will fill in the hairline and cure to seal the area.

If you have larger cracks, painting wont be enough to deal with the problem. Professional teams will use exterior caulking, masonry, or sometimes completely replace sections of stucco to fix the problem. If you are unsure what type of repair you may need, contact us for a free estimate appointment and we can take a look and provide a recommendation for your project.

Curb Appeal

Curb appeal isn’t always about boosting sale price when selling a home. Many homeowners also enjoy having a pristine curbside view of the home. A new color that sets your home apart can often impress visitors and entice buyers who are comparing similar homes. Painting is usually the first thing realtors recommend when it comes to prep for sale, its one of the best and most cost effective options to spruce up a home for selling.

Sun & UV Protection

The sun in Los Angeles can do some work on exterior surfaces. Over time the UV rays will wear away at the durability of paint. Signs of failing paint to UV damage include color fading, chalking (rub your hand on the surface, is there a white powder?), cracks and paint failure are also commonly caused by prolonged sun exposure. Keeping the paint up to date will help resist UV damage, if you have any areas that are failing it is likely time for a painting project.

How Often Does Stucco Need Painting?

While stucco is very durable, it does require maintenance including repairs and painting periodically. With a high quality paint, your coating can last over 20 years. Inspect your exterior annually. Look for cracks, peeling, blistering or other imperfections and take steps to address them. Once repairs are complete, you’ll need to paint.

Choose Experienced Stucco Painters

Painting stucco is beneficial for a number of reasons. Working with experienced stucco repairmen and painters will allow you to enjoy a safe and pristine home. Our team is here to help you every step of the way. Set up a free, no-obligation estimate appointment with our team today.