The Best Colors & Rooms To Paint When Prepping to Sell Your Home

sold signPainting as part of prep for the sale of a home is a very common and worthwhile project. A freshly painted home gives great first impressions that attracts buyers and can encourage a higher asking price. Painting will add some expense to your preparation budget, but it can often be recouped in the sale.

If you are selling, talk to your relator about what their opinions are on areas to improve before the sale. Painting is usually fairly high on that list, but depending on the home there may be more worthwhile investments.

When painting for a sale, its usually best to pick neutral and popular paint colors that give a modern look and feel. To help you make a decision your happy with, here are some questions to consider.

Should I paint my house before selling?

In the majority of cases the answer will be yes. Painting projects are a relatively inexpensive way to give a brand new look and feel to both the interior and the exterior of the property. Here are a few items to consider if painting is right for you as a pre-sale project.

Are there holes in the walls from pictures or decorations?
Are there holes in the wall or patches on the wall that haven’t been fixed and painted over?
Is there more than one color on the walls of your house (not including white)?
Do the walls like faded or dirty anywhere within the home?
Is there an accent wall or any murals in the house?
Are there any outdated colors on interior walls?
Are you a smoker?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should paint your house before selling it if you want to attract more buyers.

Paint Colors That Sell Houses Faster

Trends in paint colors update yearly. A home that’s perfectly painted can still look old and decrepit if the colors are not up to date. There have been changes to the neutral palettes that are sure to sell your home quickly and for more money. The last year has seen a lot of support around grey and greige shades for interiors. white trim and accents are also popular.


Kitchens usually draw a lot of attention when being toured by potential buyers. If you only pick a few rooms to paint, this should be high on the list. Kitchens should be painted in modern colors that are resistant to splash / moisture damage or color fading. Gray-blue colors for kitchen walls are a good option. According to Zillow, this color brings an additional $1,809 on home sales. We also offer cabinet refinishing services for homes in the Long Beach service area. Updating your cabinets can also give a great first impression to potential buyers.


Bathrooms have similar color considerations to kitchens. Blue and grey are good options for color families to choose from. Light blue also often works well and is a popular bathroom color choice in our area of Long Beach, CA. Homes with this color bathrooms bring an additional $5,440 to the closing table.


Zillow reports that your bedroom should be cerulean. Pair it with white baseboards for a crisp but relaxing feeling that’s sure to win over a potential buyer. You’ll get just shy of $2,000 more.

Living Room

Give your living room a cozy and welcoming make over by using a beige or gray-brown color palette. Safe, comfortable colors should be considered in shared rooms.

Dining Room

In your dining room, work in a gray blue color. This makes the room feel more stately and formal. Plus, it’s going to add another nearly $2,000 to your asking price. As with the living room, a crisp baseboard and trim in white can make the room feel brand new.


Exteriors are the first interaction a potential homeowner has with your place. Don’t neglect it! Go with a hue of some color but don’t over step into bright. A good, safe choice is greige. It’s on trend while still maintaining a neutral feel. This color on an exterior can bring an additional $3,496 to a closing table.

Front Door

Looking for big impact and welcoming front porch? Go black! Peppercorn is the most beneficial color for a front door. It reads as secure and affluent. It also recoups over $2,000 on offers.

It’s always a good idea to consult a realtor and get a paint estimate to make these decisions. A costly project should be weighed before you sign on the dotted line. More often than not, paint nets you more than it costs on your home sale and you’ll be benefiting.

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