Multi-location Retail Painters in Long Beach

Professional Painting for Multi Location Businesses in Long Beach, CA

Keeping commercial properties maintained becomes more difficult when your operation has multiple locations. It’s easy to forget about tasks that need to be done without a planned maintenance schedule, and a reliable set of vendors to assist with projects at each location. We have been assisting with painting projects for several multi location businesses in the Long Beach area, and wanted to give an overview on how this type project works. These projects often come with some special requirements, like following brand colors, painting in off-hours and weekends, and maintaining a schedule for interior and exterior painting.

Mutli-Location Retail Paining Projects in Long Beach

Bank of The West – Interior And Exterior Painting – 25 Locations Painting tower long beach ca

We have a more detailed overview of the type of work we do for Bank of the West on our commercial case studies page. These locations often vary greatly in the type of work that needs to be done, from interior office touch ups to painting 125′ tall towers, each project has it’s own unique requirements.  We work to run our crews in off-hours to not cause distractions during the work day. For the tower we actually had to get permits and plan for a lane closure to allow for our boom lift to reach all the surfaces that needed painting. Bank of the West does have brand guidelines for paint colors that mostly apply to the interior spaces, but there were some exterior considerations. Some locations match a color scheme of other shops in the area, other times we preserve the original exterior color.




Chili’s Restaurants Southern California – 45 Locationsretail painting long beach ca

Restaurant exteriors tend to wear faster than retail shops, some of this has to do with hood equipment exhausting in the roof area, but also depending on the location restaurants tend to get more foot traffic day to day. We have been working with Chili’s in southern California to maintain the exteriors with regular sign cleaning and exterior painting services. We use specialty paint products designed to better withstand harsher conditions. We have an overview of these projects if you are interested in more details.




Common Questions About Multi Location Painting Projects


Do these contracts require me to include all of my locations?

No, were happy to help with just 1 location if it’s all you need done. There are benefits to scaling the work out to more locations but we understand the need to test out our services before making a larger commitment.

How do you match brand colors or color guidelines?

If you have specific color codes, we can simply have the paints made in that color. We can also match existing colors on the building by getting color off of a paint chip. If you are looking for new colors we can assist with the color selection process with color consultation services.

Do you fix broken signs?

No, we can do sign cleaning, or painting on or around signs however if your sign has a problem we can recommend a local sign vendor for you. When a sign needs to be removed for painting we coordinate with another vendor to have it taken down , and put back up properly.

Can you handle tall buildings?

Yes, we are licenced to do this type of work, and have the training and equipment. If permits are required we are experienced with obtaining the proper paperwork.