Metal Gate Repair & Painting | Long Beach, CA

Painting and Repair for Metal Railings & Gates in Long Beach, CArusting metal railing

Metal railings and driveway gates offer beautiful and sturdy boundaries for homes and businesses. It is very common for homes to use metal railing on porches and as driveway gates in our service area of Long Beach, CA.

Over time and when exposed to weather and rain, metal railings and gates will start to develop rust spots. If not dealt with promptly the rust will spread and slowly deteriorate the metal of the gate or railing.

Rust most commonly starts to appear at the base of the railing where posts meet the bottom rail (pictured on this page).



Repairing Rusty Gates & Railings

The first step to repairs is to remove as much of the rust of possible. This is done with sanding tools either by hand or with an angle grinder.  We use wire brushes and metal files often to get rusting areas removed.

After removing the rust, we apply products used to convert rust and reduce its ability to further spread.

Once the converter is dry a primer is applied to the area.

After the primer dries, light sanding is done and a coat of paint is applied on top of the cured surfaces.


metal porch railing
Metal porch railings like the one pictured here are very common in the Long Beach, CA area. We can help with rust removal, repair and painting of these types of railings.


metal rusting gate
A metal driveway gate in Long Beach, CA. Notice the rust starting to form along the bottom of the gate. This is commonly where rust starts to form over time.