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Welcome To Severance!

Established as a Weld County statutory town in 1920, Severance is located on the eastern plains at the crossroads of several well-traveled county roads. The community sits in a fantastic location, approximately 7 miles north of Windsor, 10 miles northwest of Greeley, and 10 miles east of Fort Collins. Once a small, sleepy town, Severance is a city on the move, evidenced by the construction of new homes and subdivisions throughout the outlying area.

Severance offers some wonderful quality-of-life perks. City parks are in neighborhoods throughout the community and plans are in the works to link it with the regional trail system. Its location provides a beautiful backdrop of the ranging Rocky Mountains. In addition, their well-maintained roadways offer full access to the surrounding recreation locations in Northern Colorado.

There’s an array of interesting facts about Severance! The town boasts its provocative bar and sign promoting Rocky Mountain Oysters. It’s a prime location for water fowl hunting. The town even had a ban on snowball fights until a nine-year old successfully advocated for a repeal in 2018!

Common Problems for Severance, CO Homes

Northern Colorado has the expectation of four seasons every year with moderate temperatures and low humidity. Regularly enjoyable, Severance is blanketed with sunshine more than 300 days a year.

Problems for Severance homes often present themselves in the winter. The city’s winter is its ‘wet season’, landing well above the average of America’s annual snowfall. The average January low temperature is also well below the national average. Cold, wet winters can cause very specific issues for your home:

  • Wood Rot – Exposure to the wintry conditions can cause the wood trim and siding of your home to become soft and damp, leading to potential damages in the spring
  • Mold Growth – Internal warmth and external cold can cause differing levels of condensation around your home leading to mold if not handled quickly.
  • Cracking Paint – Paints applied in colder temperatures may not adhere or cure properly and extreme temperature swings can cause your exterior paint to peel
Construction in Colorado

Last year we had some interior painting and this year we had the outside painted. Both times we had a great and professional experience with CertaPro. We really appreciate the customer service we received and our house looks fantastic.

- Ron H. | Fort Collins, CO

Ron H. | Fort Collins, CO

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Completed Projects in Severance, CO

See below for examples from our residential painting portfolio of projects we completed in the Severance, CO service area. Click on any of the images to zoom in.

Professional Makeover

Professional Makeover

A professional home makeover is right around the corner in Severance, CO to complete transform your property's street appeal.

Exterior Color Choices

Exterior Color Choices

CertaPro can help with one of the biggest decision you can make about the exterior of your home.

Garage Repainting

Garage Repainting

CertaPro's professionals can assist in enhancing the additional sections of your home with a fresh coat and detailed trim work.

Home Improvement Services

Don’t waste your time stressing over your next home improvement project. Hire CertaPro Painters® of Fort Collins! They have many interior home improvement services:

Cabinet Refinishing

Many of our customers are amazed by how different their kitchen looks after just changing the color of their cabinets. Our cabinet refinishers will remove the existing paint, and then paint or stain them a brand new color.

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kitchen cabinet painting

Color Consultation

Not sure what color you should paint your cabinets and interior or exterior walls? We will help. Our color consultants can come to your home with color swatches to give you their expert recommendations on which colors and shades would work best keeping your vision in mind.

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Drywall Repair

What happens if we find damage to your drywall? We’ll fix it! Our team of drywall repair specialists will either repair or replace drywall panels to make our paint job look perfect.

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drywall repair

Power Washing

We will power wash the outside of your home to make it look brand new again. That includes your patio and/or porch. If that’s not enough, we’ll go ahead and paint or stain them.

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Power washing deck before staining

Great company to work with. They kept me updated on their progress and always let me know when they would be arriving to the job site. Very thorough and friendly.

- Tracy P. | Eaton, CO

Tracy P. | Eaton, CO

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Looking for Commercial Painters in Severance, CO?

We’re not only a residential painting company. We have the power to paint Severance businesses too. No matter how big or small your business is, we can paint it. Take a look at some of our past commercial and industrial painting projects here.

Our commercial painting services for Severance businesses include:

  • Interior painting
  • Exterior painting
  • Drywall repair
  • Power washing
  • Light carpentry

Business owners call us all the time to ask if we can improve the look of their business. Contact us here to find out what we can do for you.

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CertaPro Painters® of Fort Collins serves many areas in the Severance Community. To see what other areas we serve view our list below.