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CertaPro Painters® of Fort Collins Offers Professional Siding Painting Services

The color of your home’s siding can begin to fade over time. This can decrease the overall curb appeal of your home and may impact its resale value. Our professional painters know how to paint all types of exterior siding common in Northern Colorado including wood, composite material, Hardie Board, fiber cement, vinyl and aluminum. We begin by assessing the substrate, prepping it thoroughly with a power wash, applying primer and then painting the siding any color you wish. If you don’t want to change the color of your siding, we can assist to match the color as well.

Not all siding is the same and achieving a beautiful finish depends on the expertise of the painter as well as the selection of the proper materials. For example, many homeowners believe aluminum and vinyl siding can’t be successfully painted. While it’s not something that most homeowners want to handle on their own, particularly as these types of siding can require special paints, primers or colors, a skillful team can create a beautiful and durable finish that you will enjoy for years to come.

The Siding Painting Process

power wash

1 Power Wash

Wash the siding to clear off excess dirt, mold, and debris. For aluminum, there will be some residual chalkiness, which is normal.

Exterior Painting Services

2 Prep

Our team will carefully cover all items on your house that are not meant to be painted. We will cover the ground with drop cloths to protect it from overspray.


3 Prime and Paint

Once everything is prepped, your CertaPro team will apply premium-quality paint to your home’s exterior. We choose primers, paints and colors specifically suited to your siding material to create a uniform finish.

vinyl and aluminum siding paint contractors

4 Clean

At the end of each day, the painting crew cleans up around your home, ensuring any paint chips are removed and all materials are stored neatly away.


5 Inspect

After our own inspection, your job site supervisor will walk you through the space, giving you the opportunity to review our work and to provide any initial feedback.

Ready to Protect and Beautify Your Home’s Siding?

Enjoy time for the things you want to do and let us tackle your siding painting project. Our team has the right approach to add new life to your exteriors that will last for years to come.

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Colors for Siding Painting in Fort Collins, CO

Siding is one of the most common types of exterior surfaces in Fort Collins and surrounding areas. When painting it, there are special considerations that must be taken. While it is possible to get a flawless finish that lengthens the life of your siding, color choice can make all of the difference.

Because siding is made to expand and contract with temperature changes, the paint you choose must do the same. Even further, colors will change sizes at different rates. Keeping your color of a similar depth will be crucial to your paint’s success.

For example navy blue siding should be painted a color of a similar hue. Picking from colors like deep brown, vibrant green or other similar looks will allow the siding and paint to work perfectly in direct sunlight. The same goes for barely there colors. Beiges, whites, pinks and yellows can all work interchangeably with reasonable success rates.

Red & White

Red & White

Fort Collins, CO

Brown with White Trim

Brown with White Trim

Windsor, CO

Gray with Blue Trim

Gray with Blue Trim

Fort Collins, CO

Exterior Siding Painting Project

Exterior Siding Painting Project

Fort Collins, CO

Shades of Brown

Shades of Brown

Fort Collins, CO

Exterior Makeover

Exterior Makeover

Why Hire a Professional

Painting your siding on your own is extremely difficult. Therefore, most homeowners consider hiring siding painters who have years of experience to do it for them. The reasons come down to a few main factors:

Wrong type of paint.

Most siding painting companies (including CertaPro Painters®) have specialty paints available for projects with vinyl siding and shutters. Using the wrong type of paint could result in poor adherence, flaking, warping, and other non-desirable issues.


Lack of equipment.

If a do-it-yourselfer does not have the ladders and the correct sprayers, it is going to be difficult to achieve the uniform and beautiful finish they want. One option would be to rent the equipment, but there is a learning curve involved as well as inherent dangers in using ladders to access higher areas or operating commercial lifts.

painting equipment and expertise - CertaPro Painters

Choosing the wrong color.

There are some limitations when it comes to choosing color and reflection indices. For example, painting your vinyl siding too dark of a color could cause warping due to the way the paint absorbs the heat of the sun in the summer. A professional will be able to tell you more about these issues and help you choose the right color for your home.

paint colors

Trust the Experts at CertaPro Painters® of Fort Collins to Professionally Paint your Home’s Siding

From color choice to equipment, proper prep to selecting the right type of paint, there are many factors that need to be considered when repainting a home’s exterior siding. For example, if your siding was once navy blue, it is recommended that you choose a color with a similar depth, like a rich burgundy or lush green. The same can be said for lighter colors. If your home is in any of our service areas please reach out for a free estimate. Trust the experts at CertaPro Painters® of Fort Collins to get your siding updated and looking the way you’ve always wanted.