11 May 2020

10 Best Colors for Kitchen Cabinet Painting in Fort Collins

Is your kitchen looking more and more drab thanks to chipped and dreary cabinets? Approaching a kitchen update means messes, costs and inconveniences. While kitchen updates will always be inconvenient and messy, the costs can be reduced significantly by updating the cabinets with paint. Here are the 10 best colors for kitchen cabinet painting inRead the full article

20 April 2020

How often should I paint the exterior of my house?

Sometimes it’s obvious that your house needs painting. Other times, it’s not quite as clear. Exterior painting is not an easy or cheap job, so you’re probably not itching to take it on if it’s not necessary. Being that paint is the first line of defense against the elements, protecting your home is important. HereRead the full article

08 February 2020

Home Show Information

We will be back as soon as Home Shows start up in the area again In the meantime, if you are in need of any interior or exterior painting services, contact us to set up a free remote estimate      

New Painting Ideas for Your Home Office

Home offices are an oxymoron unto themselves. Setting aside a room of work in your place of rest just seems wrong. So creating a home office needs to be based on productivity. The strange juxtaposition makes a renovation quite difficult. We’ve scoured the internet to help you plan your room for work. Here are newRead the full article

27 January 2020

6 Spare Room Ideas

Do you have a “bonus” room in your home that keeps filling up with random items, but you are wishing to actually give it a purpose? These rooms can be used for so many creative things. They can also add a significant amount of value to your home. Here are some of the best andRead the full article

28 December 2019

Retail & Office Painters in Fort Collins, CO

Professional Painting for Retail & Office Buildings Fort Collins – Loveland – Greeley – Windsor We have been working with local businesses on interior and exterior painting projects in the greater Fort Collins area for many years, we thought we would put together a post featured a few local projects to show the types ofRead the full article

27 December 2019

Eco-friendly Cleaning Products

Whether it be the paint we use, the food we eat, or in this case, the cleaning products we clean with, we want our products to be natural. So, what can we do to make our homes eco-friendlier? We can start by paying attention to what goes into the products we use. Regular cleaning productsRead the full article

18 November 2019

How Often To Paint Inside My House

Painting is quite the large chore, but can still provide exciting results. There are very few people who will admit that they look forward to the chaos and mess a paint job comes with. Most homeowners won’t volunteer for a painting gig when given the option. More often than not, it’s an absolute necessity. ButRead the full article

07 October 2019

Why Painting your House in the Fall Delivers the Best Results

When painting your home, you have a lot of decisions to make. Color, finish, trim, etc. It’s a lot to take in. In addition to those, you should consider the timing of your job. The time of year you choose to paint can have as much impact on your outcome as the color. Here’s whyRead the full article

08 September 2019

Don’t be Blah: Neutrals That Don’t Feel Bland

Neutral sounds just so, well, neutral. Everything about the term sounds boring and bland. The definition of neutral is passive or impartial. At the same time, this is the most common color for walls in homes. Don’t be blah, here are neutrals that don’t feel bland. Combine neutrals Neutrals are an easy palette to workRead the full article