5 Reasons to Power Wash Your Home

There are multiple benefits to investing in a professional power washing service. Here at CertaPro Painters® of Fort Collins, our painting contractors have the skill and experience that you need for a flawless power washing service. Power washing is one of the best ways to blast away debris and buildup from the exterior of your home. Below we are highlighting the major benefits of this specialty service for your local residence.

Power Washing is Great for Preventative Maintenance

ExteriorNot only is power washing an extremely effective way to clean the exterior of your home, but it also works as preventative maintenance. When you have buildup like mold, mildew and other bacteria, these can continue to grow and cause costly damages to your home over time. By having a professional power wash your exterior, you can avoid these more expensive issues in the future.

It can be Utilized Prior to Painting

Are you thinking of having your home exterior painted? A power washing service can be beneficial prior to painting. This is because it is essential to have a clean exterior surface before painting begins, so that your new paint can be applied smoothly. You can take care of two services at one time when you work with our local painters.

Power Washing Increases Curb Appeal

One of the most popular reasons that homeowners schedule a power washing service with us is to increase their curb appeal. Power washing can instantly bring new life to the exterior of your home. Fill out our online form to request a free estimate on your next power washing service.

It Can Help With Seasonal Allergies

Mold and mildew got you down? Not only can these detract from your home exterior, but they can affect those in your family who experience allergies. When you schedule a power washing service with us, we can remove these pesky allergens from the exterior of your home.

Hiring a Professional Saves You Time

Instead of spending your off hours cleaning your home, let our painting contractors take care of it for you. We have power washed many properties in the Fort Collins community, and we’d love to help showcase your home in its best light. Contact us today to get started on your next residential painting project!