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All-Natural, Green Floor Finishing in Fort Collins, CO

Fort Collins – Ault – Eaton – Greeley – Loveland – Windsor – & Nearby Areas

The team at CertaPro Painters of Fort Collins can turn any concrete surface into a beautiful and durable piece of artwork using the world’s first and only natural flooring product, Lifetime Coatings. We specialize in coating systems for patios, garage floors, commercial flooring, sidewalks, kitchen counters, basements, driveways and more. In Colorado, our garages and high traffic areas are exposed to dirt, snow, oil and chemicals like mag-chloride, that remain on surfaces and can cause staining or surface damage, calling for a highly durable, yet safe, solution.

The process starts with preparation of the floor via a thorough cleaning and repair to any surface cracks or potholes. Once prepped we apply the coating and let it cure, which only takes 24-48 hours! There are many options for colors and types of coatings. Contact us to set up a free estimate appointment.


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All-Natural Flooring Solution for Residential & Commercial Applications

We offer the world’s only natural solution, a floor coating more affordable & stronger than epoxy with zero toxic odors, with an A-fire rating and NSF61 certification. This polyurea coating is more flexible than epoxy, allowing for the natural movement of the concrete below without cracking or peeling. In homes, the most popular choice is to have the flooring installed in garages, patios, and basement floors. For commercial customers, floors are commonly installed for showroom, medical, retail, warehouse, and food services buildings.

garage floor epoxy coatings fort collins

Garage Floors

The most popular residential option in the Fort Collins area, floor coatings in garages are stain and slip resistant and greatly improve the look of the room.

Kitchen and basement floors

Kitchen - Basement - Home Gyms

A variety of residential applications are available including kitchen floors, basement floors, and home gyms floors.

medical and office floors

Medical & Office Floors

Sealed floors are desirable for medical facilities because they are durable and easy to clean.

manufacturing & warehouse floors

Warehouse & Manufacturing Floors

Warehouses commonly apply floor coatings for their durability, stain resistance, and ease of cleaning and maintenance. Some industries, like food manufacturing may require the floor be coated.

Auto showroom floors

Retail & Showroom Floors

Auto dealerships, restaurants , and retail stores all benefit from having floor coatings installed. It gives a polished and clean look that is attractive to shoppers in the building.

epoxy stairs and sidewalks

Outdoor sidewalks & stairways

Patios, sidewalks, concrete stairs, and outdoor seating areas are popular and common places to apply floor coatings.

The CLEANEST, QUICKEST, EASIEST and TOUGHEST flooring system on the market. 1-day Install, you can drive on the surface after only 24 hours. Easy to maintain, No waxing or upkeep needed!

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What is the Difference Between Green Flooring and Traditional Epoxy Floor Coating?

Our patented, All-Natural product is eco-friendly and GMP compliant. It was originally developed as a saltwater corrosion barrier for ship decks and has been tested in some of the world’s harshest environments over the past 25 years. It brings the highest level of surface protection while also giving you the peace of mind that you’re not exposing your family to any toxic chemicals. When compared to traditional epoxy flooring, the benefits of this remarkable product include:

  • Non-toxic
  • No harsh smells
  • Quick drying time – you can walk on it in a few hours
  • It’s been designed with some flexibility and can withstand cracking better than epoxy


Green Flooring Coating Advantages