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Stucco Painting
In the Fort Collins Area

If your stucco home seems to have lost it’s luster, contact CertaPro Painters® of Fort Collins to perform stucco painting services on your home’s exterior. Fading paint is the first sign that the coating is beginning to fail and should be repainted.

Our exterior painting professionals are very knowledgeable and will work alongside you to determine what services your home needs. Our painting services include:

1 Inspect

Our team inspects your property for viability and paint options.

2 Wash

Our crews power wash the exterior of your home. This provides a good surface for priming and painting.

Paint the stucco

3 Paint

A coat of paint is applied, to ensure years of enjoyment.

Stucco Painting in Fort Collins

Your stucco protects your family from the elements outdoors. In turn, you want to protect your stucco. The first layer is the coating of paint you put on it. Paint is more than a color for the exterior of your home. It seals small cracks, keeps small pests out and provides a layer between the elements and your stucco. UV rays, harsh weather and pesky birds can all unleash havoc on your paint. Annual inspections are the best way to keep tabs on the functionality of it. When it begins to fail is the time to put a new coating on. Some of us will not pay enough attention to notice fading colors. If cracks, bubbling or peeling are happening, it’s time.

Work with professionals like the ones at CertaPro Painters of Fort Collins for expert repairs and repainting of your home. This keeps your substrate safe from more expensive repairs. Once the paint starts to fail, your home could be subject to moisture intrusion which can cost you a lot in the long run. Our teams can head off any potential damage before it gets worse. Don’t let your home fall victim to disrepair, call today!

Stucco Painting Portfolio

Here are examples of stucco homes we have painted in the Fort Collins area.

Exterior Painting Project

Exterior Painting Project

This home in Windsor had a variety of exterior surfaces including stucco and siding.

Fort Collins Exterior Painting

Fort Collins Exterior Painting

The tan and brown exterior of this home have a modern and clean look.