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Picking the Perfect Colors

Choosing a color palette for an interior or exterior paint job can overwhelm the most steady homeowner. The chips all begin to blur together. Don’t throw your hands up in frustration, we can help! CertaPro Painters of Fort Collins offers personalized help from our professional color consultant.

Working with a color consultant does not mean you give up all requests and opinions as to the colors on your walls. Quite the opposite. A color consultant will involve you in choices while guiding you to the best options for your room. In addition, they will help you to consider a few other important factors:

Eye Line Sight

Some homes seem to have been made for the colors that are added to the walls. More likely the owner took into account eye line sight when choosing colors. When picking colors for a particular room in your home, you should always account for the colors outside the room as well. If the door is open and you can see the color, it is a consideration. Color consultants take this additional step to create a cohesive feeling within your whole home, not just a room.

Mood and Use of the Room

The mood you want to evoke in a room will have a direct impact on the colors you choose. For example, picking a bright orange or lime green for a bedroom would be detrimental. A room of rest should have peaceful and calming colors on the walls to naturally enhance your sleep. A color consultant can work within the colors you choose and find options that are well-suited for a serene bedroom.

Natural and Artificial Lighting

Many a homeowner has been betrayed by bad lighting. It’s important to take the lights into consideration when you are choosing paints and finishes. A low luster finish can be great for a guest room, created for rest, but make an office or kitchen seem dull and boring. Glossy finishes will bounce natural light around an otherwise dark room but can seem overpowering with lamps and overhead lighting. These are all factors your color consultant will help you address, before paint is selected.

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neighborhood paint ideas

Exterior Color Ideas

Visit neighborhoods and take note of the colors and palettes that appeal to you. Be sure to note the style of the home, some may be more adaptable than others.

Bedroom Painting

Determine Your Mood

Decide the use and mood of your room. Work with warmer tones to create a friendly and inviting feeling. Use cooler tones for calming and relaxing rooms.

Interior trim ideas

Trim Color

Use one single color for all trim throughout your home. This will keep your house cohesive and create continuity throughout. Try start white in gloss or semi-gloss for a formal, traditional appeal.

color transition ideas

Choose Color Flow

Colors in neighboring rooms should be able to work together. Moving from very dark to very light can jar the eyes. You may need a transition color between the two. Consider the look throughout the house when picking.

Our Color Consultant

Rhonda Fortunato is one of Northern Colorado’s leading Color Designers. She is a Colorado native, and longtime resident of Fort Collins. She has her BFA in Design from Colorado State University, and has been working as a Color Consultant and Home Stager since 2006. Outside of color design, Rhonda’s hobbies include hiking, camping, Zumba, tennis, and spending time with her husband and three grown daughters.

“I love everything about color….it’s beauty, purity, complexity, and even its nuances in certain lights. Colorado sunshine and lighting is very different from the rest of the country, and I love how it changes from hour to hour, and even season to season. That can also be really hard when picking out paint color! I love helping people with their paint choices. It brings me joy to be in different spaces, and to be able to create an atmosphere in people’s homes and offices that brings them that same joy and comfort. I have been in the industry long enough to see the trends of color shift and evolve, and even to see some trends leave and come back! My favorite SW color is Grizzle Gray, and yes…I do repaint my house OFTEN!”

paint color consultant

Free Top Colors PDF Download

Looking for color ideas? Download the free Sherwin-Williams top colors for the Fort Collins area PDF guide. Contact us to set up a free estimate appointment.

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Top Paint Colors in the Fort Collins Area

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a Color Consultation?
CertaPro provides this service for FREE for their clients with a signed contract. We value your business! This is one way we can say, Thank You!

Why would I need a color consultation?
Picking out paint colors and stains is hard! A little swatch of color looks very different than on a big house painted that same color! You can trust our Color Consultant to guide you through knowing the undertones, saturation, and general look of colors that are right for your particular house. We want our work to shine as much as you want your house to shine!

What happens during a color consultation?
Rhonda will meet you at your home, and will bring all of her SW colors to YOU. You will work closely with her, considering your preferences and ideas, to find the best color for your needs and your space, whether inside or out. She will help you pick the colors, leave you with paper samples, and will write everything down for you, leave you a copy, and even sends a copy to us! Couldn’t be easier!

How long does a color consultation last?
Rhonda schedules out an hour for each consultation. Sometimes, it doesn’t even take that long! We provide the first hour, but if you need additional time, that will need to be scheduled directly through Rhonda.

Do I need to have anything prepared before the color consultation?
It may help to have some idea of what you are looking for before the consultation, but if you don’t, NO PROBLEM! Rhonda is trained to help you through the process of color selection, and will provide everything that you need. If you have some inspiration photos to share, feel free! She would love to see them!

After I select my colors, is there a way to see them on my house?
Rhonda will leave you with paper samples, but because of time, will not be leaving you a rendering of your personal house after the consultation. Please feel free to use this CertaPro Link to use our color visualizer!

This service was amazing! How can we thank you?
Referrals are the best thank you we could ask for! Please pass along the CertaPro name!