29 November 2022

Cozy Color Options to Warm Up Your Colorado Home

Winter makes us want to cozy up inside with our family and friends. The color on the walls can set up for cozy or cold for the remaining snowy months. Fortunately, winter is a great time to paint your home interior. The weather is less than stellar, but it provides perfect humidity for you toRead the full article

02 November 2022

Veteran Spotlight: Meet Matt Abrams

Matt Abrams has many duties here as the production manager for CertaPro Painters® of Colorado Springs. Before he took on this role, though, Abrams was an active military member who was stationed throughout the world. Abrams joined the army in 2003 as a tracked vehicle mechanic. He was first stationed at Fort Riley, Kansas, attachedRead the full article

26 October 2022

How to Find the Best Interior Painters

With the holidays approaching, many homeowners are looking to update their home interiors. Because the project is so time sensitive, though, it is essential that you hire only the best of the best interior painters. Unfortunately, finding the best can be a challenge. Failure to do so can result in loss of money and evenRead the full article

What to Know About Brick Painting in Colorado Springs

Bricks are a staple when it comes to exteriors in Colorado Springs. Beyond the traditional look, they are strong and sturdy for buildings. Many people assume brick painting is as simple as painting a wall. The job is a bit more intricate than that. In addition to basic painting skills and tools, you must knowRead the full article

28 September 2022

How to Prepare Your Home for Sale in Colorado Springs

Painting the exterior of your home is one of the most important things you can do to prepare your home for sale. It can be overwhelming to approach the situation thinking you have to paint every inch of your home, though. Instead, you can focus on a few key areas and a few key colorsRead the full article

Home Gym Painting: How to Use Colors that Motivate

We know all too well that not all home gyms are made equally––or made with the same intention. The color you choose for the walls and/or ceiling of your home gym can make or break your workout routine. That’s why our paint professionals will go over the best paint colors for each type of workoutRead the full article

31 August 2022

How to Help Your Colorado Springs Home Exterior Endure the Winter

Painting your home exterior in Colorado Springs is a hassle most homeowners put off for as long as possible. Depending on what material your home exterior is made of, this can be done for as many as five to ten years! However, a poor paint job on one of these necessary times will cause youRead the full article

15 August 2022

FAQ for Interior Painting in Colorado Springs: Our Pro Answers

Interior painting in Colorado Springs is something we do every day, but for you, it may be something you only do every few years. So, you probably have a few questions. Below is a list of the usual questions our Colorado Springs clients ask us. However, if you have more questions, please ask. We’re happyRead the full article

30 July 2022

Tips for Repainting Your Commercial Exterior

There are a lot of components that go into repainting the exterior of your commercial business. It is sure to be overwhelming and intimidating if you’ve never taken on such a task. Gathering the materials, prepping the areas, and carefully applying paint is a lot to manage. Additionally, you want to make sure you areRead the full article

Questions to Ask Your Exterior Painters

The exterior of your house is an example of the space inside and the people living in it. To make a good impression, even from the road, you’ll want to keep it maintained. This includes protecting it from the elements through the first line of defense: paint! Bringing in a painter can be intimidating ifRead the full article