22 November 2021

Commercial Painting Services Most Needed in Colorado

Any business owner knows first impressions count. To give your customers and clients the best impression possible, make sure your building’s appearance looks clean and attractive. Business owners in Colorado Springs turn to CertaPro Painters® of Colorado Springs, CO to improve the exterior and interior appearance of their buildings. Our commercial painting company provides unprecedentedRead the full article

26 October 2021

Why CertaPro Painters® are the Best Local Interior Painters

CertaPro Painters® of Colorado Springs, CO focuses on providing you with an extraordinary experience. We are dedicated to making the painting process as easy as possible for homeowners. To us, what matters most is your complete satisfaction. Everything we do, our whole reputation, is about ensuring a successful project for you. No matter what theRead the full article

28 September 2021

Services to Look for in End of Season Exterior Painters

Hiring end of season exterior painters can be a stressful endeavor no matter how many times you’ve done it in the past. The wrong paint company can result in a worse finish, financial duress, and more headaches than you can count. When painting at the end of season, these stresses are even more exacerbated. OneRead the full article

19 August 2021

Hardie Siding Care: Painting in Colorado Springs

While we know Hardie siding for being durable and reliable, there comes a time when repairs and repaintings are inevitable. When you invest in a product such as Hardi siding, you’ll want to be sure to maintain it to the best of your ability. But how do you ensure that you get the best serviceRead the full article

27 July 2021

5 Deck Maintenance Tips for Summer

With the mild temperatures and dry weather, take advantage of summer to protect and beautify your deck and wood around your house. Decks are sturdy and lasting with regular maintenance. Protect the wood through the winter with these 5 deck maintenance tips for summer. 1. Clean Start this project with a clean surface. With theRead the full article

25 July 2021

3 Best Kitchen Paint Colors in Colorado Springs

We have all been spending a bit more time in our homes the past year or so. As a result, more and more homeowners are investing in the look for their home interiors. From painting bedrooms to removing textured ceilings, home improvement is all the roar. Painting the kitchen has especially been a must-do itemRead the full article

16 June 2021

How to Know When it’s Time for Stucco Repairs

Stucco is a common exterior material for homes in the Northern Colorado Springs area––for good reason, too! The surface offers protection from weather conditions such as excessive heat. It is also very aesthetically pleasing and comes in a wide variety of colors. It truly is hard to go wrong with stucco. While the surface isRead the full article

10 June 2021

5 Reasons to Work with Colorado Springs Exterior Painters

It can be hard to find exterior painters in the Colorado Springs area that meet all of your expectations. When you are working with a commercial or residential exterior, though, it is essential that you get the best of the best. CertaPro Painters are proud to represent the Colorado Springs area and have full confidenceRead the full article

26 May 2021

3 Common DIY Painting Mistakes

There is a certain appeal that comes with painting your own space. There is an aura of romanticism about going to the store and choosing your paint, gathering all of the materials, and putting the work in to change the look of a room. When it comes time to actually do it yourself, though, theRead the full article

25 May 2021

Questions About Stucco Painting

In hot areas such as Colorado Springs, the decision to paint stucco is quite heated. The exterior material is prominent throughout the western United States. Homeowners choose it because of its durability, sustainability, and overall pleasing aesthetic. When it comes to maintenance, though, there are many avenues to go down. In this article, we’ll beRead the full article