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What Types of Preparation are needed for my painting project?

Exterior Painting Preparation

At CertaPro, no two projects we complete are exactly the same. Every customer has their own vision of their completed project. Therefore, each project requires different levels of preparation and planning. Below are examples of the various types of exterior painting preparation we execute. Your project estimator will discuss your overall expectations & objectives, then tailor the project to capture that vision and price the project accordingly.

Certapro painters of Colorado Springs FAQs about exterior paintingPower-washing

We will power-wash the home a day or two before we paint to clean off dust, cobwebs, loose paint, etc from the home.

Loose and peeling paint

We will scrape to remove the portions of the old coating that are no longer adhered well and prime the bare wood areas.

Splitting or failing caulking

We will re-seal with new caulking to prevent moisture from infiltrating the surfaces.

Splitting, Warped, or Rotting Wood

We are very experienced in replacing boards and can bundle this into your painting project to make sure you get the longest possible lifespan out of your coating.

Deep-set nail holes

We will fill deep set nail holes with caulking or putty prior to painting your home.

Loose Nails

We will tap loose nails in or replace them as necessary prior to painting your home.


We will thoroughly mask everything nearby where we will be running a paint sprayer to ensure we do not get paint on anything it is not supposed to get on.

Certapro painters of Colorado Springs FAQs about interior paintingInterior Painting Preparation

Our interior projects need the same type of individualized planning and execution as our exterior projects. Here are some examples of our interior preparations:


Home interiors require an extensive amount of masking to protect the other components of the home. We will carefully mask off all flooring, cabinetry, fixtures, furniture, and other items nearby to ensure we do not get paint on any surface it is not intended to get on.

Outlet Covers, Switch Plates, and Vents

We will unscrew these items from the wall, paint to the drywall rough edge, and reinstall these when we are finished.

Nail Holes

we will fill nail holes from old picture frames and décor, just remove the nail and we will fill the hole. If you plan on re-hanging items in the same spot, just leave the nail in the wall and this will signal us to leave the nail there.

Drywall Patches

If you have damage to your current drywall, we can include drywall patching and texture matching prior to painting. Just let us know what you’re looking to have fixed when we’re there for the estimate and we will talk you through the process and expectations.

interior painting questions Certapro paintersQuestions about Interior Projects

What is a ‘paint system’ and which is appropriate for my project?

A paint system is the entire coating system, including applicable primers, color coats, and top coats. The appropriate paint system varies greatly depending on what substrate/surface we are painting, what the desired outcome is, and a cost/benefit analysis for the options available. Your estimator can discuss recommendations for your particular scenario and the thought process behind it when they come to your home for the estimate.

What is the purpose of primer and when it is needed?

Primer is formulated to create an adhesive bond with the substrate and “soak in” to the surface to create a uniform surface on which the top coat to be applied. Additionally, some primers can be used to inhibit stains or odors from coming through the paint surface. In many instances, previously coated surfaces both interior and exterior do not require a primer, as the adhesive bond has already been established with the existing coatings. In these scenarios “spot priming” areas that are concerning, such as bare wood/drywall or anywhere stains are a concern is the appropriate course of action.

How many coats of paint are appropriate for my project?

The answer to this question varies significantly depending on the current condition of the surface, the quality of the paint, the previous color, the new color, and the application method. As long as you disclose to us your new color scheme and desired paint option at the time of the estimate, we will include “Guaranteed Coverage” which means that we will apply as many coats as necessary to ensure you have a consistent color and sheen across the entire surface, and also we guarantee we will meet the manufacturer’s recommended coating thickness so that all paint warranties will be in effect.

What is elastomeric paint?

An elastomeric coating is a specially designed coating that is applied very thick and will have significant stretch capabilities (i.e. it is elastic) when the coating has dried. These coatings are generally used for stucco and masonry to provide a watertight coating that can expand and contract along with the substrate.

How long does it take the new paint to dry?

Most of the paints we use will dry to the touch within 2-4 hours of when we apply the coating, and they will cure within 2-4 days of when they are applied.

How long should the new paint job last?

Because interior coating does not see exposure to moisture and extreme temperatures, they will typically last as long as they are still visually appealing to you, in terms of color, sheen, and physical damage This can be many decades unless there is a lot of physical damage.

Exterior coatings in Colorado will typically last between 5-20 years depending on factors, such as; the type of substrate & current state of the substrate. If the exterior of your home has been damaged by storms, and/or has been the victim of an abundance of severe weather over time, it will have a significantly shorter lifespan.

Other factors also can affect the longevity of your home’s exterior surface, Such as:

  • quality of the materials (primer, caulking, paint, etc.)

  • the amount of sun exposure, the light reflective value

  • how much sunlight does the paint absorb versus reflect several other factors.

Is there anything I can do to increase the longevity of my new paint job?

  • Ensure the proper surface preparation takes place

  • Replace damaged boards

  • Ensure the proper primer is used where necessary

  • Ensure high-quality materials are used

Will I save money if I buy the materials?

CertaPro Painters is one of the largest consumers of paint in this part of the country. This allows us to negotiate very competitive prices with top paint suppliers. This also allows us to pass this discount onto our customers. Paint is literally in our name.

Is there a difference between hand-brushed on and sprayed on paint?

There is a difference. But there are more important factors that will influence the success or failure of your painting project.

The most important thing is that we ensure each surface gets the appropriate amount of paint applied, and that the paint gets pushed into all of the cracks and crevices of the surface we are painting.

The main difference between spray vs roll paint is in the efficiency of the team applying the product. And, as mentioned above, how the surface has been prepared prior to painting.

What does VOC mean?

VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compounds. Colorado has the strictest regulations when it comes to VOCs in coatings. Most of the products we use will be Zero-VOC, and all of our products we use are Low-VOC & well under any dangerous levels.

Are more expensive paints better?

Not always. The key is to get the most bang for your buck. If your paint lasts 20 years, but your exterior caulking fails in 12, you’re going to be repainting no matter which paint you purchase.

CertaPro’s goal is to have expert knowledge on paint and surfaces. To put together the big-picture lifespan of your paint job in a way that matches up with your goals & needs and doesn’t break the bank.

Certapro painters of colorado Springs FAQs about access color selection and leadQuestions about Access, Colors Selection, and Lead

How is the crew going to reach the difficult areas of my project?

We are very experienced in reaching different areas of the home. We would be happy to discuss these concerning areas in detail when we arrive at your home for the estimate.

Which is better – oil paint or latex paint?

Most Oil-based paints are practically illegal in Colorado at this point in time due to VOC regulations. “Latex” paints, which are more aptly described as Acrylics paints, have drastically improved in terms of technology in the past several decades.

Most good quality acrylic paints perform on-par or better than their old oil-based counterparts.

How is interior access to my home handled?

We can coordinate access based around your schedule & preferences. We can discuss your individual preferences & situations for the execution of your project during our estimate meeting. Then prior to beginning your paint job, we meet with the paint crew to share all the information with them.

Is there lead paint on my house, and if so, how is it handled?

The EPA requires that all homes prior to 1978 be tested for the presence of lead in the pre-existing coatings prior to any contractor performing actions that may disturb the existing coatings (such as power washing, scraping, sanding, etc).

If your home was built before 1978, you will need to hire an EPA certified inspector to test the various surfaces of your home for the presence of lead.

If lead is present, you will need to hire an EPA certified lead renovator for your painting project.

I’m not sure what colors I want to use. What help can CertaPro Painters give me?

First, when we arrive for your estimate we will be glad to give you access to our color deck and color tower.

This can save you a lot of time versus going to the paint store and hauling 120 paint chips back to the house.

Instead, you can play with colors while we take measurements and pictures around the home, and this should give you a great starting point for selecting colors. If you are struggling to decide on colors, ask us about our color consultation services with our professional designers. They can give you advice, suggestions and options that will be amazing in your home.

What if I am already working with a color consultant?

If you already have a color consultant, great! We can work with colors from all different manufacturers and match them into our provider’s paint. Just let us know what direction you’re heading with colors so we can account for it accordingly in our proposal.

What if I am not happy with the colors once they are applied to the building?

We strongly recommend test patches prior to painting. Find an inconspicuous corner of the home to apply the different colors that you are considering. Look at them in different lighting conditions over the course of a few days.

Colors can look different in different lighting, and in large areas compared to the small chip from the store.
That being said, sometimes a homeowner can still change their mind. We will work with you to change the color at a reduced price.

Are there extra charges if I have more colors on my house?

More colors means more masking, more cut lines, more cleaning of brushes/rollers/sprayers, and more leftover paint. We will discuss the pricing differences based on the colors and color schemes you are considering.

Will CertaPro Painters leave me with touchup paint?

We will leave you all leftover paint for touch ups when we finish the paint job. You will also have all of the color and product information. So you can go into your local paint store to have additional paint mixed, if needed.

certapro painters of colorado springs FAQs insurance and liabilityQuestions about Liability & Preparation

A contractor comes to paint my house and his employee falls off a ladder and gets hurt. Who pays for his injuries?

We are covered with liability insurance and workers compensation insurance. You will not be liable for any accident that occurs while we are working on your property.

I was told by a contractor that he would have to charge a lot more if he purchased worker’s compensation. He has assured me that my homeowner’s insurance policy would cover me in the event of an accident.
Is this true?

Workers compensation insurance is expensive, but the liability of injury is great. If your contractor does not have workers compensation insurance, then they are transferring the risk to you and/or your insurance provider.

Either way, you are the entity responsible for ensuring coverage. This would be a question to your insurance provider and/or a lawyer to understand the full extent of your liability in terms of coverage, deductibles, raised insurance rates, etc.

I was told by a contractor that he is not required to carry worker’s compensation insurance because he only has one employee. Is this true?

False. Please see Employers | Department of Labor & Employment (colorado.gov)

How do I know for sure if a contractor carries worker’s compensation insurance?

Ask them to provide proof of insurance. Similar to the proof of insurance you carry in your car, the contractor should be able to provide proof of insurance for their business.

Do CertaPro Painters carry worker’s compensation and general liability insurance policies?

Yes, CertaPro Painters carries both workers compensation and general liability insurance.

CertaPro of Colorado Springs TeamQuestions about Our People & Our Process

I have just met with the estimator – now what?

We provide most quotes on the spot and email them directly after the estimate. If we cannot provide the estimate on the spot, we will explain the timeline for receiving the quote. Please let us know if you don’t receive the quote in the expected timeframe! We would love to earn your business. Let us know if you have any questions or updates needed to your proposal.

I have reviewed the proposal and would like to proceed – what do I do next?

Thanks for choosing us as your contractor! We are excited to partner with you on your project. Call/text/email your estimator directly or call our office and we will work with you on the next steps.

What experience and background do the foremen and painters have?

We thoroughly vet our paint teams and work with the top 5% of painters in the market. Their experience varies from crew to crew, but rest assured we will ensure they have all the necessary skills and quality to provide a top-quality paint job for your needs.

How do I address any concerns I may have throughout the project?

We want to ensure you have a top-notch customer service experience. If you have any question, concern, or hesitation before, during, or after your project please let us know immediately and we will work with you to resolve it quickly. We have a highly experienced, friendly, and quick staff, including an office manager, two production managers, and several estimators who are all heavily invested in making sure you are 100% satisfied with your painting project.

How long will the project take?

We are very quick, and we are extremely dedicated to making sure we finish your project 100% before we move on to our next project. The answer to this question will be heavily dependent on the scope of work you are asking us to complete. Our average residential job takes between 2-4 days to complete, but of course this only an average and can range up or down depending on how much work and the type of work we are doing at your home. Ask your estimator about the expected duration at the estimate and the will usually be able to provide you with a range when they have completed their measurements.

I plan on being out of town during the part or all of the project – is this okay?

On most projects, we prefer to perform the work when the homeowner will be around at least once per day. If it is possible to schedule the job accordingly, this would be our preference. We understand that this is not always possible, so if it is necessary we will work with you on the details on a case-by-case basis.

What about inclement weather?

We live in Colorado, so we are no strangers to inclement weather. Exterior projects will be more dependent on weather than interior projects. We are committed to performing our work responsibly, which means applying your paint when the weather will be appropriate for it to dry and cure correctly. This also means being responsible with the safety of our painters in terms of driving conditions to and from the jobsite, and conditions on the jobsite. We will partner and communicate with you to deal with weather as it comes up and appreciate your understanding in things that are out of our control.

How is payment handled?

For residential work, we take 100% payment on completion of the job. The preferred method of payment is personal check; however, we can accept most types of payment. Let us know how you plan to pay so we can discuss the details accordingly. We also offer payment plan options: please ask us if you are interested in this option!

Does the crew expect a tip at the end of the job?

While it’s not expected or required, our painters take a lot of pride in their work. If they’ve done an exceptional job on your home, showing your appreciation by buying them a meal or leaving them a tip will always brighten their day!

I’m concerned about water leaks into the house. Will painting solve these issues?

It is important to understand the root cause of all leaks prior to determining the appropriate resolution. Paint is NOT likely to resolve any leakage issues. Some minor leakage near windows and doors might be resolved by sealing the edges with caulking.

What if dry rot or other carpentry issues are discovered during the painting process?

We can identify a lot of this during the estimation process, but sometimes these issues are concealed out of sight or are high above the ground, and sometimes they are not easily visible but are discovered during the surface preparation. We want to make sure you get a coating that lasts, so if we find anything unexpected during the painting process we will let you know and provide you with the available options and associated costs. We will never proceed with additional costs without gaining consent from your first.