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Professional Brick House Painting Services in Colorado Springs

In many of our communities, a traditional brick home is very popular. If you do not enjoy the traditional orange and brown color scheme on the exterior of your home, you can always have it professionally painted by our experienced team of painting contractors in Colorado Springs. There are many reasons to consider having your exterior and interior brick painted. The most appealing reasons being that it will instantly add a modern element of design and extra curb appeal to your Colorado Springs home.

Having your brick house painted is an affordable way to make a big impact on the exterior of your residence. If you would like to have the exterior of your brick home painted, schedule a free color consultation with us to get started.

Your Local Brick Painting Company in Colorado Springs, CO

  1. The most important part of information to note is that once you have your brick painted, there is no easy way to restore the original color of your brick. While painted brick can be repainted in a new color, it can not return to its natural color after this type of service. This is why we recommend that you are sure of your brick painting decision prior to scheduling this type of service.
  2. Once you have your brick home painted, it will require power washing and the occasional exterior painting service to keep your home looking its best.
  3. It is imperative to only work with local professionals when it comes to brick painting services. There are many ways that damage can occur to the exterior of your home if this service isn’t completed properly. Our knowledgeable team has the skill you need for a seamless service.

You don’t have to worry about a faulty painting service when you work with CertaPro Painters®️ of Colorado Springs. Our painting contractors have years of experience renovating home exteriors in the local community.

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If you have a brick home in the greater Colorado Springs area, we can help. Get started by setting up a free estimate appointment with our team.


Brick Painting Service Types in Colorado Springs, CO

CertaPro Painters® of Colorado Springs offers professional brick painting services to homes and businesses in Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas. Interior or exterior painted brick surfaces can completely change the look and feel of your home. Give those brick surfaces a new look by making an appointment today!

Bricks are a stylish and commonly used in our area for their ability to withstand weather. They stand up to moisture really well while looking great and keeping us warm in winter. With time, bricks can loose their color and vibrance, especially outdoors. The sun’s UV rays and heat can leach the color from the stone if you don’t step in to help. This is where our painters come in.

If your bricks are looking less than stellar, adding a coating of sealant, stain or paint can create a protective barrier for bricks while adding a new color. Our services can give you an exterior you are proud of. To update your bricks, contact CertaPro Painters® of Colorado Springs. Our brick services include:

Power Washing

Some bricks need revitalized with a power washing. Sometimes this is all the bricks need. This is always the first step to a brick project.


To completely change the look of bricks, use paint. This offers an opaque look in any color. There have been very successfully painted bricks in white, black, neutrals and other colors.



Staining allows you to enhance the current color of your brick while allowing some of the natural variation in color to show through.


Adding a sealant to the existing bricks will simply put a coating over the current colors of brick.


Interior fireplaces can benefit from the addition of paint, stain or seal. The projects need special attention to remove soot and use a paint that is made to withstand the temperatures of a fire.

How to Paint a Brick Home

There are quite a few steps that go into painting a brick home. Below are the action steps that our painting contractors take to ensure beautiful results when painting brick houses.

  1. Clean the exterior
  2. Remove loose paint
  3. Sand the brick
  4. Prime the surface
  5. Caulk and seal
  6. Remove dust
  7. Paint the brick

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How to Maintain Painted Brick Homes

Once you have decided to have your brick home painted, there are a few routine maintenance services to keep in mind. While natural brick can be extremely low-maintenance, after you have your home painted there will be some additional upkeep needed. If your paint has started to chip, fade or peel, the exterior of your home will need to be touched up or repainted. To keep the exterior of your home clean and free from unsightly buildup, you may also need to invest in the occasional power washing service as well.

Our painters can take care of each of these professional painting services for you. Schedule your next residential painting project with our Colorado Springs team today!