Cozy Color Options to Warm Up Your Colorado Home

Winter makes us want to cozy up inside with our family and friends. The color on the walls can set up for cozy or cold for the remaining snowy months. Fortunately, winter is a great time to paint your home interior. The weather is less than stellar, but it provides perfect humidity for you to take on a painting job. When it’s done, you’ll get double benefits, a sparkling new home for the remainder of winter, and free time (when you would have painted before) when spring comes. Update your color to beat the chill with these cozy colors.

How to Choose the Best Paint Color

Look At Your Home and Furniture

Most people tend to want to choose a paint color and then begin looking for furniture and décor. However, it should be the other way around! You will realize it is a lot easier to choose a paint color after you already chose the furniture and decor. You’ll be able to tell which paint color will match with your funky yellow armchair better than what armchair will match a can of paint.

Test the Paint First

It is a good idea to put testers of the colors and shades you like and then paint them onto small sections of your wall. A lot of the time paint looks different in the store than how it will actually look to you in your home. Leave it on for a few days so you can really get a feel for how it will look in different lights. You may really like how one color looks during the sundown, or how another looks early in the morning. This isn’t something you’d know until you put these testers out.

Our Favorite Winter Colors

Warm Winter By Sherwin-Williams Warm Winter By Sherwin-Williams

The name says it all for this cozy color choice. This warm tan shade would look lovely in multiple living and entertainment spaces. It is a simple color that can tie together many different design styles.


Ice Fog By Benjamin MooreIce Fog By Benjamin Moore

Your home doesn’t have to feel icy or cold with this stunning color option by Benjamin Moore. This soft gray is just what your interior spaces need for a winter refresh. Have CertaPro Painters®️ apply this color to your living room, office, or even a master bedroom for a clean cozy vibe.


Winter Solstice By Benjamin MooreWinter Solstice By Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore refers to this color as, “Resembling early evening shadows on freshly fallen snow, this light, cool gray inspires thoughts of slipping into a warm wool sweater on a chilly night.” With a description like that alone it entices all the cozy feels of a crisp winter day. This color would complement your master bedroom, bathroom, or even a home office.


Choose Your Cozy Colors with Certapro Painters®

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