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If your home was built before 1978 it is vital to ensure that the contractor you are working with is EPA RRP Certified. When you work with CertaPro Painters® of Colorado Springs you know your lead-based paint project will be handled in a safe manner that complies with regulation from the EPA.

In April 2008 the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released a mandate that has had a significant impact on the remodeling and home improvement industry. The Lead Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule (RRP) has changed how painting and other renovation contractors approach working on buildings built before 1978, as well as all schools, non-profit buildings, government buildings and hospitals.

Signs of Lead Paint On Your Property

If your home was built before 1978, you should keep an eye out for these three common warning signs of lead paint.


If you have noticed this textured pattern on your home exterior, then you may have identified a common sign of lead painted surfaces.

Chipped Peeling Paint

Peeling, chipping, bubbles, and cracks are very common on aged lead paint

Excessive Paint Failure

If you notice large areas of failing paint, even after a recent paint job, you may be dealing with lead paint deteriorating the surface. Call CertaPro to verify any problems you've found.

Was Your Home Built Before 1978?

According to the EPA, most buildings built prior to 1978 will likely contain lead-based paint, a heavy mercury-like substance that is a health hazard to humans. Fortunately, now that the dangers of latent lead-based paint have become public knowledge, the EPA is actively involved in creating stringent regulations that govern the renovation of older homes containing this substance.

While lead-safe work practices require an EPA lead-safe contractor, additional labor, and materials, certified contractors will ensure that lead-based paint debris is removed and handled in a way that is safe to your home and family, as well as themselves. Always ask any contractor for their EPA Lead RRP certification number.

Trust your painting project to your local CertaPro Painters who are EPA RRP Certified.

Concerned about Lead Paint in your Home?

One of our residential estimators would be happy to evaluate your home. Trust your home to your local CertaPro Painters® of Colorado Springs who are EPA RRP Certified.

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Lead Paint Removal & Mitigation in Colorado Springs

When renovating older homes in Colorado Springs, it is not uncommon to come into contact with lead paint. Homes that were built prior to 1978 may have had lead paint utilized during their construction. This is why it is essential to work with an EPA certified painting company when painting and renovating older homes. Our local painters have the skill you need to safely work on your home regardless of the year it was built. If you think your home may have lead paint hidden in its walls, we can assist with your next lead mitigation service.

What Types of Homes May Have Lead Paint

Historic homes have the greatest chance of having lead paint. Styles like Victorian, Queen Anne, Craftsman Bungalows, Tudor, Mediterranean Revival, and others will have a higher chance of lead paint being an issue. It is imperative to the safety of your family and visitors that any lead paint be removed properly from your home.

CertaPro Painters® of Colorado Springs is Committed to Lead Safe Practices

As EPA Certified painters, we understand the dangers of living in a home with lead paint. When you want to have your Historic home restored, our team is dedicated to keeping you, your family, and our painters safe. Left untreated, the lead paint at your home can contribute to the following:

  • Lead paint can negatively impact brain development in children.
  • It can cause behavioral issues and seizures.
  • Lead can also cause damage to your nervous system and kidneys.

Most people will be exposed to lead paint in their home through dust, soil, or even paint chips. The dangers of lead paint are real, and we care about protecting you and your Colorado Springs home. Request a free estimate on your next lead mitigation service today.

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Trust your painting project to your local CertaPro Painters who are EPA Certified. We can seamlessly remove lead paint from your home.

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