Box Store Paint vs. Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams 

Because of our professional experience in the wide world of house painting, people often ask for advice on what paint they should purchase for their own projects. Too often, these individuals underestimate the importance of high quality paint, and lean toward the cheaper alternatives. While sometimes saving the little bit of extra money is a wise choice, this decision more frequently leads to headaches and more money spent down the road. 

At CertaPro Painters of Metrowest, we use paint made by trusted manufacturers Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams. We’re providing a professional service to our clients, and that means using the best available products to achieve the best possible results. Unfortunately, when people are shopping at stores like Home Depot or Lowe’s, they may see a lower priced alternative, and mistakenly believe that all paints are created equal. 

The difference comes down to the components. Reputable brands like Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore use higher quality pigments, which means that colors remain vibrant for much, much longer. Beyond just the looks, these paints are also more durable than the box store alternatives. 

Cheaper paints like Behr, Glidden, Vaspar, and others might be tempting, but it’s important to consider the likely outcomes of less durable paint. Over time, these brands (and the brands like them) are more likely to crack, peel, and fade – or at least will see these problems sooner than more reputable brands.

Sherwin Williams Paint Vibrancy

You may be saving money on the initial purchase, but if you consider having to repaint more frequently, as well as the potential damage that could happen to your home because of a compromised protective layer, it’s much wiser to spend a little more up front for longevity and lasting protection. 

Our experience informs our trust here. It may be tempting to choose lower priced options from box stores, but as with so many other things, quality often wins out in the long run. Beyond the differences in components and pigments, where you get your paint matters too! If you visit, for example, a Sherwin Williams store, you’re more likely to encounter expertise specific to the paint you’re looking to buy. That’s not to say that other retailers can’t have knowledgeable employees, but that when you want true expertise, it’s probably better to trust the people who deal exclusively with such needs every day. 

All of that said, every person should make purchases they can stand behind – and that fit their budgets. In every case, however, CertaPro professionals recommend our most trusted brands, and if they’re currently a little bit beyond your budget, it’s wiser to save up and invest in quality paint that’s going to last.