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Common Exterior Home Repairs in Boston

Posted on June 17, 2020

Exterior Painting Metrowest, MAOver time, weather takes a toll on your house, especially with the rain and winters we get in Boston and Metrowest area. This means that common exterior home repairs are all but inevitable, particularly if your house isn’t properly painted (or hasn’t been repainted in a long time). Exterior house paint protects your home against weather damage, but if the damage has already been done, it’s essential to make repairs before you proceed with a fresh coat of paint!

Let’s take a closer look at problem areas you should examine, based on the common repairs we see in the field.

Common Exterior Issues

The most common repairs we see all come down to rotting wood. If the exterior of your home isn’t properly sealed, moisture makes it way into the wood, deteriorating the fibers until important parts of your house are literally falling apart!

In the realm of wood rot, these areas are where we tend to see the most damage

  • Door Frames
  • Window Frames
  • Garage Door Frames
  • Corner Boards
  • Eaves
  • Rake Boards

You may notice that these are all “edges” and openings, which is an indicator of how water (and weather in general) tends to negatively affect the more exposed, vulnerable parts of your home – namely the pieces of wood that are “separate” from the rest of the structure. If you are just getting started on the process of having your house painted, be sure to check for damage in all of these areas!

How to Repair

Exterior paint preparationWhile every person’s unique situation will be a bit different, nearly all repairs of this type will involve removing the rotten wood and replacing it with new wood, composite material, or AZEK (a name brand composite we trust made from PVC).

Some repairs may only require you (or a contractor/professional) to cut away the rotted portions or use a little bit of filler, while others may require total replacement. If you aren’t particularly handy, it’s probably best to defer to a professional, as you may accidentally cause more damage in your attempts to make repairs!


CertaPro Painters of Metrowest is More Than Just Painting

If you aren’t sure how extensive the damage is, or aren’t sure how to move forward with preparing your home to be painted, CertaPro Painters of Metrowest is on the job! In addition to our interior and exterior painting services, we’ll gladly provide precisely the kinds of external repairs we’re discussing today. You can see the full service offerings here, including powerwashing, concrete staining, and color consultations!

Our CertaPro Painters of Metrowest professional team and contractors will examine these problem areas (and more) to determine what needs to happen to get your house ready to paint. We will then repair and replace the necessary frames, trim, corner boards, rake boards, and anything else that needs fixing.

If such repairs aren’t made before painting begins, you’re just putting a bandaid on a problem that requires minor surgery…

Once these problems areas are addressed, high quality paint will seal and protect the new materials, resulting in longer-lasting exterior details and a more efficient home. We heavily recommend Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams paints for long lasting and vibrant results. A great coat of paint makes a big difference, but the underlying structure has to be sound for the paint to do its job!

If you have any questions, or simply want us to come assess the repairs your house will need before painting, contact us today at 781-296-6044!

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