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Bricks are commonly used in the construction of homes for their ability to withstand harsh weather and moisture while looking great and keeping us warm in winter. Over time, bricks can loose their color and vibrancy, especially outdoors. UV rays and heat can leach the color from the stone if you don’t step in to help. This is where our painters come in.

If your bricks are looking less than stellar, adding a coating of sealant, stain or paint can create a protective barrier for bricks while adding a new color. Our services can give you an exterior you are proud of. To update your bricks, contact CertaPro Painters® of MetroWest, MA. Our brick services include:

power washing brick

Power Washing

Some bricks need revitalized with a power washing. Sometimes this is all the bricks need. This is always the first step to a brick project.

painting brick


To completely change the look of bricks, use paint. This offers an opaque look in any color. There have been very successfully painted bricks in white, black, neutrals and other colors.

staining brick


Staining allows you to enhance the current color of your brick while allowing some of the natural variation in color to show through.

sealing brick


Adding a sealant to the existing bricks will simply put a coating over the current colors of brick.


Interior fireplaces can benefit from the addition of paint, stain or seal. The projects need special attention to remove soot and use a paint that is made to withstand the temperatures of a fire.

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