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Exterior Colors to Pair with Brick in Baton Rouge

Posted on May 22, 2024

Baton Rouge homes have character, and by character we mean brick and stone elements on them. Choosing a color palette to pair with these sorts of architectural elements can be challenging but not impossible. Complete your look successfully and you’ll be the envy of the block. Here are exterior colors to pair with brick in Baton Rouge.

Brick can prove challenging since it naturally contains variances in colors. This is important to remember as you work to find a pairing color for the other elements of your home. The variances can cause some colors to feel brighter and more assaulting on the eyes. For example, bright white against red brick is harsh and overexciting. Instead, use a creamy off white to allow the brick to take center stage against a warm hue.

Bricks for the most part, fall in the burgundy and red categories. New bricks tend to be more vibrant while older can take on a more subdued tone. Because red is typically not chosen for home colors, it can throw homeowners for a loop. Within the red are variations further challenging color choices. Fear not! You can still create a stunning palette to go with your bricks. Here are some colors we know work to get you started.

Sherwin Williams Creamy SW 7012

Your brick exterior almost certainly has a gray-toned mortar between the bricks. This color plays into that color with a warm-toned gray. As a beige gray, this is an alternative to white that will avoid overpowering the home and give it an approachable feeling.

Stone Hearth CC-490

Stone Hearth is another gray option in a more saturated hue. The color has cool undertones to calm the feeling of frenzy red bricks can cause. It creates a symbiotic relationship of a deep cool color against a brighter warm color. While the gray seems too deep for a successful exterior, using it in outside light allows the color to look lighter.

Benjamin Moore Black HC-190

While black seems counterintuitive, it’s the perfect way to showcase your bricks. Using the black against a bright brick creates the feeling of muted charcoal rather than strictly black. If you are considering a deep color like this in our area, remember the sun tends to leach pigments from colors. This will work best if your home is more shaded and protected from the sun. When paired with bricks, it is a timeless and secure look that will last through many seasons.

Keystone Gray SW 7504

One final option within gray is this neutral color that boasts a deep red undertone. Because of that pigment, the color pairs perfectly with older bricks that are less vibrant. This creates a perfect palette of greige to go with the bricks, bringing the popular color from inside to the exterior of your house.

Dark Night SW 6237

Deep, dark blue is the perfect answer to mute brand new bricks. Again, remember deep colors can be leached by the sun. This color will work best in shaded or protected areas of your walls. This not quite navy is a win with brick because it reigns in the warm colors of the bricks to a manageable level. The color is an up-and-comer for exteriors in Baton Rouge.

Dark Hunter Green SW 0041

Green and Red? What is this? Christmas? Nope. Brick red and Dark Hunter Green are perfectly paired red and green. The bricks are bright and vibrant and the green is deep and dark. The result is a perfect paired green and red that is less yuletide and more style-guide for year round. As an additional benefit, this green is dark enough to feel almost neutral when paired with bricks.

Salamander 2050-10

Bright new bricks are so overwhelming. There’s no choice but to pair a deep color to bring down the whole color scheme. Since your bricks aren’t likely to change color very quickly, you had better find a way to work with them, rather than against them. Salamander might be just the answer. This deep green-blue is stately and luxurious against the bright bricks.

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