22 February 2021

How to Update Your Kitchen Quickly

Updating your kitchen can be a daunting task. Add in that it is one of the most trafficked rooms in the home, and the pressure to keep it clean looking and up to date, and it may seem like a weeks-long project. However, there is one easy way to update your kitchen without breaking theRead the full article

08 February 2021

Why It’s Important to Hire a Licensed, Insured Paint Company

When you decide to hire someone to paint your home, whether the job is interior or exterior, you’re likely to find no shortage of options. Some of these potential painters might be friends, a recommendation from an acquaintance, or results you find online. As you review these options, you might be tempted to make aRead the full article

15 January 2021

Preparing Your Home for Professional Painting

So, you’ve decided to hire a professional company to tackle an interior painting job. You’ve chosen your colors, scheduled a date, and are looking forward to sprucing up your home… Now what? Preparing your home for a professional paint crew isn’t terribly difficult, but taking the time to do so will make everything go moreRead the full article

02 December 2020

Prepare Your Basement for the Winter

The winter chill we get in the Boston and Metrowest area is always particularly harsh. While we can usually stay inside and warm while we wait for Spring, it’s a different story for the lowest floor of your home. Basements can be damp and cold on the best of days, but can be unusable whenRead the full article

20 November 2020

When is The Best Time of Year to Paint?

House painting, whether interior or exterior, is no small undertaking. To make sure you get the best results – and the least disruption to your daily life – choosing the right time of year is important. So, what season is best for painting your home? Before we get ahead of ourselves, climate and location makeRead the full article

02 November 2020

The Eternal Painting Question: One Coat or Two?

Time and time again, our team of painting professionals is asked a variation of the same old question… People constantly want to know if they need to use one coat of paint or two. They ask about reduced costs of only using one coat, about getting maximum coverage with the least amount of paint, aboutRead the full article

13 October 2020

Painting Terms: Defined

Any time you have to interact with professionals from an unfamiliar industry – whether that’s painting, insurance, fine dining, or anything else – you’re going to encounter new language and terms specific to that industry. Every profession has its own jargon to wade through, and if you want to make sure you understand what servicesRead the full article

21 September 2020

Paint It Pink

Like to make a donation?Click Here CertaPro Painters® of Metrowest has once again partnered with Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) to Paint It Pink. The goal is to raise $50k total during October and November to generate awareness and help fund breast cancer research. We will be donating $10 from every painting project completed betweenRead the full article

16 September 2020

All About Sheen!

Color isn’t the only thing to select when deciding on new paint for the interior of your home. Paints come in varying levels of “sheen” – and that may have more of an impact on your decision than you realize! Before we get too far into specific uses, let’s cover the basics. The sheen ofRead the full article

03 September 2020

The Benefits of Power Washing

Power washing should not be underestimated. Whether it’s the exterior of your house, your deck, concrete around your home, or other areas, the benefits of power washing are numerous! CertaPro Painters of Metrowest offers power washing services in addition to interior and exterior house painting, so we thought we’d share some of the many benefitsRead the full article