Paint Your Home’s Interior in Order of Importance

Posted on March 22, 2024

The process of repainting your home’s interior involves plenty of decision making. Embarking on this journey involves choosing colors and sheens, of course, but if you plan to update multiple rooms, deciding on an order is another important choice.

There’s no way around it: repainting rooms in your home comes with some disruption. Items need to be moved, things need to be covered, crews need to move equipment in and out, paint needs time to dry…

accent interior wallBut to minimize the disruption to your day-to-day life, choosing the order of rooms to repaint (and a little additional planning) can make a big difference.

While much of this depends on personal preferences, how you use your home, and if certain rooms are higher priority than others, this guide will help you consider an overall interior painting plan. With a solid plan in place, you and your professional painting company can reduce disruptions, set a timeline, and get the job done to everyone’s satisfaction.

Problems First

First and foremost, problem areas should be the highest priority. Painting may be an aesthetic choice in many cases, but it’s also an important part of protecting your home’s structural integrity and keeping your family safe. If any rooms have cracking or peeling paint, water damage, or other major problems, tackle them first!

If more than one room in your home meets this criteria, focus on the highest traffic area (like the kitchen or bathroom) first.

High Traffic to Low Traffic

As a general rule, build your painting plan around the rooms that get the most traffic. For many homes, living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and hallways get much more use than bedrooms, offices, storage spaces, and even dining rooms.

Painting the kitchen is likely the most disruptive, but getting it done first has a few benefits.

First, it allows you to plan meals for the day or two your kitchen is unavailable as part of the larger planning process, and once the repainting is finished, you’ll have full access to this important room while the rest of the painting is in progress. Because the kitchen is the heart of the home, getting it done first also sets the stage for your home’s updated aesthetic, and will help you feel excited about the whole process!

After the kitchen, moving on to the living room, then bathrooms, then hallways, then bedrooms, then the remainder of your home’s interior means that as the overall project progresses, you’ll face fewer and fewer disruptions AND enjoy your house’s transformation through the lens of its most visible areas.

Feel free to adjust the order for your own needs, but consider the busiest and highest visibility rooms as a way to both “front load” any disruptions and immediately enjoy the updated ambience of your home!

When you save lower traffic rooms for later, you’ll get the sense that the majority of the project is complete. As the painting crew wraps up remaining rooms or lesser used areas of the home, you’ll have full access to the rooms you use most. This approach also allows you to focus your budget on the most important updates, and adjust as needed further into the project.

Every home is a bit different, but when you plan ahead and prioritize problem areas and high traffic rooms, you get the most immediate, most enjoyable results! As you plan your interior repainting project, talk to the estimator and other staff about what might be best for your unique situation. To get started, and for any other questions, contact CertaPro today!

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