13 April 2020

Paint Your Home’s Exterior This Spring

Warmer temperatures are drawing us all outside for some time in the sun. While you’re enjoying the yard, you might notice that your house isn’t looking as crisp as it did last year. Spring is the opportune time to address the imperfections you notice. Since your paint is the first line of defense against theRead the full article

09 March 2020

5 Things to Consider When Hiring an Interior Painter

Painting your home is an important take. You want it to be done right so you will need to find someone you can trust. It can be stressful and confusing, navigating all of the different options. You may be wondering how you will pick the best person for the job. You’re not alone! Your homeRead the full article

13 January 2020

How Often Should I Paint My Interior Walls?

Very few homeowners are eager to take on a large renovation job like painting their home. It causes uproar and mess in your private sanctuary. More often than not, these jobs are taken on because they are absolutely necessary. Putting off the job could potentially allow more costly damage to crop up. This could haveRead the full article

09 December 2019

Kitchen Cabinet Painting Options & Colors

Kitchen cabinets can bring down the whole look of a room. Replacing them can mean a big mess, and bigger cost. You have options. Rather than replace the cabinets, you can refinish the ones you have. Here are color options for painting kitchen cabinets. Since cabinets are a major design element in your kitchen, theRead the full article

11 November 2019

Multi-location Retail Painters in Long Beach

Professional Painting for Multi Location Businesses in Long Beach, CA Keeping commercial properties maintained becomes more difficult when your operation has multiple locations. It’s easy to forget about tasks that need to be done without a planned maintenance schedule, and a reliable set of vendors to assist with projects at each location. We have beenRead the full article

11 October 2019

How to Choose the Best Type of Paint for Your House

Updating your home with paint is an easy and efficient way to give it a fresh feel. Especially if you are planning on putting your home on the market, an exterior painting could help you sell quicker or for more money. Let’s look at how to choose the best type of paint for your house.Read the full article

13 September 2019

Preparing for an Exterior Paint Job – Common Questions

You’ve hired your exterior painters and you’re good to go, right? Wrong! There is work for you to do to get ready for your house painting job. Exterior paint jobs are really complicated and take quite a bit of coordination to get a great result. Here is the guide to preparing for an exterior paintRead the full article

10 August 2019

Outdoor Painting for Concrete and Patio Makeovers

With summer winding down it’s your last hurrah to get your outside paint jobs completed. One way to spruce up your exterior spaces is with painting on the floors. Here is how to complete outdoor painting for concrete and patio makeovers. A new outdoor entertaining space is just a bucket of paint away with anRead the full article

02 August 2019

The Most Popular Paint Colors for Homes

If you’re stuck trying to think of a paint color for your home, try out these colors: • Millennial Pink As with most thing millennial, this one’s over. The millennials are growing into adulthood and shedding their pink skins. Market saturation has reached critical mass with most brands selling buckets labelled as this pink. •Read the full article

20 July 2019

Pros And Cons Of Concrete Staining

Concrete is no longer a forgotten basement or garage floor. Oil stains and divots are common place for a concrete floor. However, with more homeowners taking the leap and finishing out their garages and basements to man caves or rec rooms, the floors are on their minds. Before you start, here are the pros andRead the full article