Time to Repaint? What to look for

You probably have a general idea, or at least an expectation, of how long your current exterior paint job should last. The last time it was painted your painters probably gave you a rough estimate of how long it SHOULD last, but ultimately there are a number of factors that come into play that make your paint job’s longevity something other than an exact science.

How often you should paint your house and when largely depends on external factors that are out of your control. However, there are some warning signs you can look out for that can indicate it’s time for a new coat. These guidelines are just that, guides, and should give you more or less an idea of when you should start looking for warning signs. If any of the following are showing up on your exterior walls, it may be a good time to paint.

What you should be looking for:

Fading/Changing Paint

Paint can start to fade for a number of reasons. Chief among them is usually sun exposure and the paint quality’s degradation due to the effects of UV rays. To prevent discoloration, make sure the paint is of a high-quality exterior grade and can withstand the elements.

If paint starts to fade on shadier sides of your house, it could be a sign of water permeating the layers and intruding into your paint’s foundation layer with the exterior. Downwards streaming drip stains without an obvious visible source can usually be pinpointed as trapped water damage and should be addressed before the problem gets worse.

Cracking/Flaking/Blistering Paint

Paint is the home’s first layer of defense against the elements, and is usually a pretty good indicator of what’s going on within your walls. Physical signs of degradation, like bubbles that form under the surface, or paint sections that begin to fracture and split off, can be signs of wood rot and poor weatherproofing practices. Extreme heat, sun exposure, bitter winters, excess humidity, and strong winds can all further contribute to these weak areas and affect how long your paint job will last. If the paint is literally coming off the exterior or blistering you are inviting more severe problems.

New Exterior

If you’ve bought a new house, or recently replaced old wood siding or shingles with new ones, now is the best time to paint and ensure that your exterior can withstand whatever is thrown at it and that your interiors are also guarded. Similarly, if you’ve just purchased a property, you’ll want to take care of that investment by assessing any problem areas with your home’s exterior first, and then protect it with high-quality exterior grade paint that will have as much protection as possible and problems don’t arise down the road unexpectedly.

Ready for a New Color for your interior rooms?

Kids outgrow their favorite colors and superheroes in the blink of an eye, and that really bold color you wanted to try in your bedroom won’t let you sleep at night. Trends come and go, it’s inevitable. When your tastes change, take the opportunity to spruce things up in your home by choosing new colors, themes, and design schemes to keep it alive and making sure it’s a space you enjoy living in.

Regular Maintenance

While these are all good tell-tale signs and reasons for repainting, the truth is the best defense your home has against damage is prevention. If painted on a regular basis, you can minimize the damage done to your exteriors and the inside of your walls. This will also minimize the work needed for the repairs and preparations that your house may require for some of the issues listed above, therefore saving you quite a bit on painting costs.

If your home gets intense sunlight or extreme heat, aim for repainting every 5 years to minimize the chances of any damage. Wood siding may need a retouch of paint or stain every 3 to 7 years, depending on its exposure to water, and the quality of the paint. With a few exceptions on vinyl and aluminum siding which can sometimes last 20 years if the weather conditions are perfect and the stars align year-round, most houses need to be repainted every 7 to 10 years.

If you’d like to consult a professional for signs your house needs to be repainted and how you can make the next repaint last a little longer, count on the experts at CertaPro Painters of Long Beach. Call today at 562-900-8558 or schedule a free online estimate today!