A Look at Parking Garage Painting

Finding an experienced commercial painter that can handle huge projects, like industrial buildings or oversized outdoor spaces can be very challenging. When your project involves special use space or an oversized project, it is significantly more difficult.

Not all contractors will have the knowledge and experience to correctly complete a project of this type. Not to mention all the special issues you must address when working with big commercial spaces with many different surfaces, like garage parking lots.

But before you throw up your hands and hire your brother-in-law, call your local CertaPro Painters. When you work with CertaPro Painters, you have a team of painting professionals at the ready. They have experience dealing with all kinds of garage parking lot painting projects.

How CertaPro Painters Complete a Parking Garage Painting Project:

To give you more information & further explain the painting process, we borrowed some notes from a prior project. Below you will find just a few parts of our overall project process.

The Project

Our crew was contacted to provide painting services for a large parking garage in our area. In our experience, we have worked on smaller garages for single office buildings to large, multi-story, above-ground garages designed for multiple uses.

The Surfaces

Working in a parking garage can mean painting on several different surfaces. For this project, our crew resurfaced the walls, ceilings, doors, frames, bollards, elevators, and staircases. This gave the parking garage a new appearance and professional finish.

Working on exterior surfaces and high-contact areas, like a parking garage, takes specific products for particular surfaces. It also requires expert knowledge to successfully apply these products and achieve great results on these surfaces

Substrates require different paint coatings to provide protection and beautiful finishes. Every surface requires a specific paint coating for optimum results. To choose & apply the appropriate products means a great finished surface.

You should always avoid the “One-product-fits-all-surfaces” approach to paint coatings.

The Products

Product specifications are created per specific project. Our crews applied the appropriate paint coatings to each surface per the project manager’s specifications.

Industrial grade paint coating products are important for exterior substrates because they provide a fully-sealed covering to these bare surfaces.

When planning a parking garage painting project, It’s important to remember that cars have exhaust fumes and drippy chemicals that stay behind on the surface.

CertaPro knows how to address these issues offensively, not as an afterthought. This makes for a very smooth painting process. And after the correct paint coatings are applied to the whole garage, it feels clean and new.

Weather Issues

There were no weather issues with this project.

When working in open-air structures like parking garages, ambient and surface temperatures must be over 50 degrees Fahrenheit. We are able to complete these projects during most seasons, with the exception of winter. There is also flexibility when scheduling work to avoid peak and business hours.

The Equipment

Large projects of multi-floor painting require specialized equipment. We have crews that are adept at using this type of equipment. We have certifications in handling boom lifts for exterior and interior painting work.

The Plan: Schedule Now

Our team is happy to meet with you to discuss your project’s details. Ready to Schedule your garage parking lot painting project? Call CertaPro Painters® of Long Beach / Torrance, CA at 562-900-8558 or go online to schedule a free estimate today!