Industrial Building Painting with the Pros at CertaPro

Posted on February 28, 2022

CertaPro painters are not only experts in residential painting. We also have expertise in painting commercial and industrial buildings. We have the experience and know-how to complete even the largest of commercial buildings and factories. We know how to handle extensive square feet and yardage. We understand the unique needs of large exterior projects.

At CertaPro, we know commercial painting requires additional planning and special execution. You want your industrial business to shine but you can’t have the painting process interfere with the everyday productivity your company needs to survive. This sounds easy enough, but it actually takes expert planning and understanding from your painting contractor.

As industrial painters, CertaPro painters use special techniques to paint all types of industrial surfaces, including tank linings, waterproofing, siding, equipment, warehouses, tanks/silos, etc.

Factory & industrial Painting can help extend the life of your equipment and buildings while boosting employee morale. The professional industrial painting services at CertaPro painters can be trusted to complete your job and meet your expectations to a tee.

Here is how CertaPro can help you with painting your industrial space: 

We Schedule for Maximum Success:

CertaPro knows managers and occupants do not like interruptions to facility operations. When the painting project is in progress, the space essentially is unusable due to moved furniture, the presence of floor and furniture covers, and, often, reduced air quality.

Painting can also have a major impact on scheduling. But you should always choose material quality over unit cost. If top-quality materials can double the life of the paint job, the result is one-half the possible interruptions and much happier employees and managers. This also cuts labor and material costs in half.

We Survey & Inspect

You should conduct an inspection and inventory the painting needs of interior and exterior buildings and equipment. Do not forget safety painting, such as aisle markings, railings, fire-extinguisher locations, and sprinkler systems. CertaPro can help you with surveying and planning. They know how to correctly access your building’s needs. We also are experts in keeping everyone safe while the project is being completed. We take the utmost care when working in spaces that require additional attention to safety.

We Plan with You

Prior to meeting with your professional commercial painters, it is a good idea to do some research and gather all your ideas together to share at your estimate appointment. Also, it is a good idea to write down all the questions you have so you have a point of reference and won’t forget them at your meeting.

CertaPro will develop a painting plan that covers the entire workload, depending on the severity of conditions and department policy. We can distribute the load evenly throughout the year, i.e. inside during cold weather and outside during warm weather, or finish the project ASAP. CertaPro can help you work out a completion plan that works best for your business.

We Give Time Estimates

Using predetermined times available from consultants or estimates from experience, CertaPro will estimate the work time required for each painting job. Many managers find that predetermined times are more accurate, consistent, and dependable for purposes of staffing and budgeting. We will work with your schedule as much as we can.

We Execute & Complete

We will successfully carry out the painting plan to make your industrial space shine like new without touching your business’ bottom line. CertaPro strives to work with local commercial and industrial companies so they will thrive, and create more jobs within our community. This is just one way we love helping the communities we live and work in.

Do you have an industrial space that needs a painting refresh? Call CertaPro Painters® of Long Beach / Torrance, CA at 562-900-8558 for a free estimate today!

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