Make your dining room year-round useful with these design ideas

Posted on January 31, 2022

Your dining room is usually the place where family comes together for celebrations and holidays. But why not utilize this room on a daily basis? Not just for holidays and gatherings with out-of-town relatives anymore, styling your dining room so it can be used every day for immediate family dinners is a great idea. This sets the stage for spending quality family time and communication with the people you are closest to in the world.

Your Certapro painters can help you style your dining room by utilizing our color consultant’s expertise to choose the perfect colors. Then let our professional painters create the perfect canvas for you to create a room you want to use every day.

How can you make your dining room the best possible space for everyday use? Keep reading to find out!

1.  The table

When choosing a dining room table it is crucial to take into consideration the number of guests you will be having for holiday celebrations but also be small enough to utilize for daily family dinners.

If you can’t fit everyone at the dining room table, you don’t want people to be left out and sitting in other rooms away from the majority of the guests. You can solve this problem by

buying a table with extendable leaves. They can be added for extended family gatherings, then removed for a smaller immediate family everyday dinner.

2.  Extra (Comfy) Seating

First and foremost, you want to make sure you have enough seating and that the seating is very comfortable. Your guests probably will not enjoy themselves if they are sitting on stiff seating that is making them uncomfortable. Not to mention, you won’t want to spend each evening eating dinner on chairs that are unbearable.

If your budget does not allow for new comfortable chairs, you can also get chair pads made to match your decor. This brings all your colors together, while also allowing for more comfortable seating. Bring in chairs from other areas of your home to place around the dining table if you don’t have enough dining chairs on hand.

3.  Decorate the Table

You may want to skip this step for everyday dinners, but for bigger holiday gatherings, decorating your table can really add beauty to the room. This can make your gatherings so memorable and even if no one comments on it, it is also appreciated and remembered. You can go all out on holidays or if you want to keep it low-key for everyday dinners, simply adding a fresh vase of flowers as the centerpiece will make all the difference.

4.  Add Mood-Lighting

Lighting makes all the difference when it comes to the overall vibe of a room. Having a warm and well-lit space will make the gathering that much cozier and create just the ambiance you need for spending quality time with your loved ones, whether it is the holidays or just any old day.

5.  Paint it to flow with your home

You don’t need to keep the room looking like an entirely separate space reserved for special occasions only. Painting it a more casual color or matching the color of the rooms around it can make it seem more of an everyday part of the home. The less formal and distinct the more it will feel inviting and useable, not just for eating but for conversation, projects, any other use that relates to your everyday routine.

These are just a few good ideas to style your dining room for more than holiday use. Our CertaPro painters can make styling your dining room a breeze with expert color consultants and professional painting expertise.

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