05 April 2020

What’s the Best Color to Paint a Fence

As a perimeter to your home, the fence is often overlooked as a stylish and distinctive element to your property. Rather than ignoring it, allow it to stand out! By adding a color to the fence you can allow your home to stand out on the block. If you’re thinking what’s the best color toRead the full article

26 February 2020

Low VOC vs. Odorless Paint

Repainting your home can be overwhelming. Typically, when we are looking at our paint options, our first thought isn’t which one is healthiest for us. But should it be? As of recently pain manufacturers have come out with a variety of less toxic paints. It can be difficult to navigate these options and figure outRead the full article

19 November 2019

Commercial Painting at Its Best

Commercial painting is something we love to do in and around Lubbock. Being able to connect with local businesses, and give them a fresh coat of paint to make their business look better than ever is such an honor. We believe we have a hand (a painting hand) in the reason Lubbock is so beautiful.Read the full article

29 October 2019

Color Consultant Advice for Color Schemes

It’s exciting to stare down the prospect of a new color on your home. But then the impending choices start the anxiety. You are not alone. It’s easy to go from trendy and fun to boring or bright. We went to the pros to get you some help. Here are tips from our experts onRead the full article

14 October 2019

Painter and Staff Appreciation Day

We are delighted to share our weekend with everyone. It was that time of year when we were able to truly give back to our painters and staff members for all of their hard work. We want to show them that we appreciate every single they do for us every day. We know it’s notRead the full article

30 July 2019

6 Ways to Update Your Outdoor Living Space with Paint

It seems like everyone is heading outdoors these days. Now warmer weather and sunshine is drawing us out. If your backyard or patio is more drab than fab, grab some paint and make some updates. Here are the 5 ways to update your outdoor living space with paint. Color The easiest change you can makeRead the full article

05 June 2019

How to Repair Drywall and Tips on Making the Wall Look Great

Before you paint a wall you have to prepare the surface, which inevitably involves patching. It’s one of the most important steps. But sometimes it takes more than just a can of spackling and a small putty knife to get good results. Here are some wall patching tips and products that will help you speedRead the full article

29 May 2019

5 Easy Tips to Choosing an Exterior Paint Palette

Be the house on the block that everyone talks about – in a good way. Choosing a great color scheme can enhance the appeal of your home and bring up the whole block’s property values. But how do you get the right color choices? Here are 5 tips for choosing colors for your home’s exterior.Read the full article

15 April 2019

Shopping List for Painting Supplies

When you decide to undertake a project as big as painting your home, it’s easy to get lost in the home improvement store and leave with a cart full of tools, albeit useless items for your particular project. Here’s a sample shopping list for painting supplies. Preparation Items The first step to painting your homeRead the full article

08 March 2019

How to Paint Drywall in the Garage

The often forgotten garage. Show your car’s home some love by adding some paint to the walls. The more finished your garage is, the more it is an extension of our home. Whether you are looking to accentuate your home for yourself, or putting it on the market, a coat of paint will make theRead the full article