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Kitchen Cabinet Painting in Lubbock

Cabinets can hold back the most beautiful kitchen, but custom cut cabinets are expensive and messy to replace. Instead, if your cabinets are in good conditions, consider painting them for a revitalized look. Our knowledgeable staff of refinishing teams can create a new look for your kitchen utilizing your current cabinets.

As part of our carpentry painting services, we can add paint finishes to the following:

kitchen cabinet painting

Kitchen cabinets

bathroom cabinet painting

Bathroom Cabinets

wainscoting painting


Entertainment Centers

Bathroom vanities


Our Local Cabinet Projects

Here are just a few of the kitchen cabinet painting projects our team has completed around Lubbock. You can view more of our completed work on our painting portfolio.

White Cabinets

White Cabinets

White kitchen cabinets have become increasingly popular in the last few years.

Built-Ins Refresh

Built-Ins Refresh

These built in were painted a fresh white color to highlight the fireplace.

Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets

A fresh coat of kitchen cabinets can completely transform your kitchen.

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Cabinet Painting FAQ

At CertaPro Painters® of Lubbock, TX, we can bring in our specialized knowledge to update dated cabinets with a new coating of paint. Before you get started, here are some frequently asked questions from previous customers.

Can all cabinets be painted?

Most cabinets can be updated with paint. For best results, your cabinets should be made of real wood, in good shape and work well. If you are dealing with particle board, cracks and breaks or drawer rails that are not working, it’s best to consider a new set of cabinets.

Can you paint laminate or other finishes?

Cabinets with laminate or other finishes are hard to successfully finish. For the best outcomes, we recommend painting for cabinets that were previously stained or painted. We sand off the finish and replace it with a new color of your choice.

What about repairs before painting?

Repairs are always OK, on wooden cabinets. These are high-touch, high-impact surfaces and thus can take on some damage over the course of regular use. Loose rails, broken handles and dings can be addressed fairly easily. Some repairs can be handled by the CertaPro team, others might require a specialist before our painters arrive. Taking care of these issues before painting will ensure you get the best, longest lasting outcome.

What are good colors for cabinets?

We have seen nearly all colors used successfully on cabinets through paint and stains. This means any color is open to you. Most cabinets are painted in a neutral black, white or gray. For kitchens with neutral counters and walls, some homeowners choose to go more vivid with their choices.

How do I get started with my cabinet painting?

To start your cabinet painting project, schedule a free, no-obligation estimate or call 806-977-9677.

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