Why Winter is a Good Time to Paint Business Interiors

Posted on December 21, 2022

Business owners know that time is money and maintaining a professional image is necessary to attract customers. You should beautify your place of business on a regular basis. Refreshed decor could ultimately affect your bottom line. Here are the advantages of commercial painting in winter. Commercial locations are not that different from houses when it comes to painting. The paint and repairs should be addressed on a regular basis. Most business owners consider summer painting season, however, your business could benefit from painting in the off times, like during the winter. Here’s why:

Spruce Up the Workplace

As your employees head indoors for the long, cold winter, why not liven up the space with a fresh new color on the walls? The seasonal lull for painters means you could quickly and easily get an office or other commercial space updated. Consider adding an accent wall in branded colors or a mural including your company logo. You’ll remove scuffs and dings, while giving the employees a revitalized feel to work in.

More Flexible Painter Schedules

More than likely, you’ll be looking to hire a professional paint crew to work on your commercial space. Painting interiors during the winter months is not traditionally thought of. Because of this, many painting companies find themselves much slower. They can move quickly on projects and give more flexibility in scheduling. You will find there are more crews available, more quickly for off-hours production.

Perfect Finishes

With the cooler and drier air outside, your interior project will have optimum drying opportunities. Humidity and heat work against your paint drying. With the cooler, dryer temperatures, the paint film can appropriately form without expelling too much moisture, too quickly. You’ll get the benefits of a fast dry job, without the issues that can come along with it.

Paint Your Business Interior with CertaPro

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