Home Décor Theme Ideas 

Posted on January 21, 2022

Our team at CertaPro Painters® of KC Northland talk with many homeowners who have just recently bought a new home. They become overwhelmed with where to begin and the process becomes tiring. If thisliving room sounds like you, an easy way to start is by deciding on a home décor theme. Your home’s style should be unique and individualized to you and your family. There is nothing better than walking into a family member or friends’ room and instantly getting a sense of that person through the home’s style and décor. So how do we create a unique style in your home? Here are some examples of styles unique to individual personalities that you can start with and then add your own creative flare to them.

  1. Cozy and Relaxing – Do you and your loved ones spend a lot of time at home and prefer a cozy night in? Make your home cozy and relaxing to fit that lifestyle. You can start by creating a color palette. Usually, neutral tones work best but you can also add in reds, yellows and oranges. Warm hues will instantly make this room feel welcoming and room.
  2. Classic – Do you find yourself gravitating towards classic styles and away from trends? Your home should be a reflection of that. A blue and white color scheme is as classic as it gets. This will never go out of style and will be a great reflection of your personality.
  3. Creative and Fun – Do you love patterns, bold shapes and don’t mind experimenting with colors and textures? You probably have a whimsical home décor style. Let your creativity shine through your home! Many people are afraid to experiment with color within their homes but don’t let that be you. One tip for this style would be to make sure everything flows.
  4. Happy – Do you and those around you see you as a happy person? Why not make you’re home feel that way too? Using shades of yellow will make your home pleasant to be in. The conveys feelings of positivity and light, just like you! Placing fresh flowers around the house is also a great tip for this style.
  5. Nature Lover – Do you love nature? Bring it into your home. This is going to be the biggest trend of 2022. Use earth tones for the paint and add a lot of plants into your home.
  6. Southwestern- If you like landscape art and a natural color palette, you probably have a southwestern style when it comes to home décor.
  7. Minimalist – The color palette will be neutral and the furnishings will consist of strictly the essentials.

Whatever your style is, have fun decorating! If you are ready for an interior painting estimate, contact us today. The first step is to schedule a free, no obligation estimate. We look forward to talking to you soon!