Best Bedroom Colors for Sleeping

A good night’s sleep can sometimes be hard to come by and set us up to start the day on the wrong foot. What’s worse is that bad sleeping habits compound on themselves, so the worse you sleep, the more increasingly difficult it becomes to get good rest. Chronic sleep deprivation can also lead to other health issues, and negatively affect how you think, work, react, and socialize in your daily life.

There are countless factors that contribute to whether or not you’ll get a good night’s sleep. But one of the few tricks that you can do just once and enjoy the benefits of for years to come is painting your walls the right color. By choosing the best bedroom colors for your walls that are suited for restful sleep, you can gain back hours of sleep as well as productivity in your day, and health for your life.

Tips on Choosing the Best Bedroom Colors for Sleeping

-Use flat paint and toned down shades, which absorb more color, to avoid reflecting lights on a glossy surface and instead evoke a feeling of softness.

-Avoid darker or starker colors that inspire alertness rather than calm. These should be relegated to living rooms or home offices that would do well with an injection of stimulation.

-For accent décor, stay away from contrasting colors, which stimulate the eyes and mind, and instead opt for those that complement each other. For reference, see those colors that are parallel on a color wheel, or for more professional help, schedule a color consultation with an expert in your area.


Mood is one of the many factors that affects sleep. If the immediate surroundings you wake up in and go to sleep to evoke happiness and tranquility, you are likely to sleep more soundly as well. A toned-down lemon yellow, for example, can promote the feeling of relaxation and allow you to form better sleeping habits on a daily basis.


Green gives us feelings of renewal and hope, as it reminds us of nature and the growth of new life in it. These pleasant sensations allow for the mind to focus on more positive feelings. This in turn can give a sense of satisfaction, and allow the mind to rest rather than turn to the turmoil of negative thoughts.


It’s hard not to think of white when you’re envisioning a peaceful palette. This one may seem obvious, but it’s important not to overlook the power in simplicity of a white wall. And it’s true that white makes a room look fresh and clean. Granted it’s not too bright or glossy, a white shade can also be exceptionally easy on weary eyes. And that may be exactly what you need to make you feel comfortable and ready to get some needed rest.


In sleep studies conducted over the years, blue often comes out on top of the best bedroom colors . By far, it proves to be the color most favorable for calming, soothing, and preventing nightmares. Whether it’s pale, or a little bit richer in hue (without getting too dark), a blue wall will give you your best chance for a good night’s sleep. It is the coolest in the color wheel, allowing for the refreshing feel needed for your mind, the most powerful and strenuous engine we work with, to cool down.

More than just a resting period, sleep is how our body repairs and re-energizes for a new day ahead. So it’s important we get the most and best of it possible. And choosing the best bedroom colors for sleeping can be the first step to your next desperately needed and well-deserved good night’s sleep. Give the experts at CertaPro Painters a call to schedule your free in-home estimate and color consultation to find your best sleep yet.