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Professional Painting Services in Tinton Falls, NJ

CertaPro Painters® of Eastern Monmouth County offers professional interior and exterior painting services for both residential and commercial customers in the Tinton Falls service area. We also offer a variety of painting and home improvement services to homes in Tinton Falls community including interior and exterior painting, cabinet refinishing, deck staining, drywall repair, epoxy floor application, and wallpaper removal. You can learn more about our team of local painters by checking out some of our positive reviews on Google. Contact us to set up a free estimate.

Interior and Exterior Painters in Tinton Falls, NJ

CertaPro Painters® of Eastern Monmouth County, NJ are happy to serve the Tinton Falls community. Tinton Falls is a nice suburban community that is known for its family-friendly atmosphere. Many enjoy living in our community due to its quick access to multiple amenities including the beach, shopping centers, eateries, and multiple different waterways. Our borough also provides local families with an excellent school system.

Real Estate in Tinton Falls consists of primarily single-family homes, condos, and townhomes. You can find quite a few design styles including traditional brick, large estates, and even new construction. If your home could use a few paint-related updates, reach out to us today to get started. We can refresh any of your interior or exterior spaces.

Paint Problems in Tinton Falls, NJ

It is not uncommon for your environment to have an impact on the paint at your home. Below are a few paint problems that we have seen in the Tinton Falls service area.

Moisture Damage: If you have noticed any cracks along the exterior of your home, it is imperative that you have them repaired. Excess moisture can get into exterior openings and cause mold and other bacteria to grow.

Paint Peeling: Over time, you may notice that your paint has started to peel. This can occur due to the age of your paint or extreme weather conditions.

Fair Haven, NJ painting project

Outstanding work! I am so glad that I chose CertaPro for my painting needs. I would definitely use them again!

- Liza Caswell

Liza Caswell

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Painting Projects in the Tinton Falls, NJ Service Area

See below for examples of projects we completed in the Tinton Falls, New Jersey service area. Click on any of the images below to zoom in.

Residential Painting Project

Residential Painting Project

Take a look at this lovely exterior painting update that our team completed.

Exterior Painting

Exterior Painting

We boosted curb appeal and revitalized this homes exterior with better resistance and protection.

Exterior Refresh

Exterior Refresh

This is another great example of the professional painting projects that our team completes.

Residential Services We Offer in Tinton Falls, NJ

See below for a full list of services offered to the area. Click on any of the services below for more information.

Check out our Brick Painting

Brick Painting

Our painters can provide multiple specialized brick painting services to residential and commercial spaces in the Eastern Monmouth community. Brick Painting services have become quite popular in our local communities, and our painters responded to the demand by offering our services to paint your brick home.

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Check out our Cabinet Refinishing and Repainting

Cabinet Refinishing and Repainting

Your cabinets are perhaps one of the most touched surfaces in your home, so it’s no surprise that they wind up with a little wear and tear. At CertaPro Painters® of Eastern Monmouth County, NJ we’ll work with you to find a finish or paint that meets the needs of your home and daily routine.

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Check out our Cedar Wood and Shingle Siding

Cedar Wood and Shingle Siding

Wood and Cedar Shingle siding is an absolutely beautiful home exterior choice. Our CertaPro Painters® offer painting and staining services for both shingle siding and cedar wood siding homes. Our team will work with you to determine the visual aesthetic that will deliver satisficing results.

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Check out our Christmas Light Installation and Wreath Hanging

Christmas Light Installation and Wreath Hanging

With the holiday season slowly approaching, a growing number of people are looking for ways to elevate their house’s festive appearance —and with it comes an opportunity to transform your residence surrounded by Christmas lights and decorative wreaths. Let us alleviate your stress from hanging lights and wreaths around your home by offering this service for you at an affordable cost.

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Check out our Color Consultation

Color Consultation

Not sure which shade to choose? Struggling to differentiate matte, satin and gloss? We’ll help you navigate the sea of options to find a color that matches your home’s interior aesthetic and stands up to your family’s daily routine.

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Check out our Concrete Staining and Epoxy Finish

Concrete Staining and Epoxy Finish

Applying a stain to an interior or exterior concrete floor can add unique dimension to any space. You can enhance the durability of your concrete with an epoxy floor coating. The CertaPro Painters® of Eastern Monmouth County, NJ team is trained in applying concrete stains and epoxy floor coatings.

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Check out our Crown Molding And Wainscoting Services

Crown Molding And Wainscoting Services

Crown molding is a great way to add elegance in a home. It is timeless, ornate and exquisite looking. The CertaPro Painters® of Eastern Monmouth County, NJ team can work install decorative borders around your home including fireplace mantels, baseboards, door casings, and wainscoting.

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Check out our Drywall Repair

Drywall Repair

Whether your home has water damage that requires drywall repair or your walls have medium-to-large holes that need patching, the CertaPro Painters® of Eastern Monmouth County, NJ crew will patch, sand and prime, to create a flawless surface to paint on.

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Check out our Hardie Board & Fiber Cement Siding

Hardie Board & Fiber Cement Siding

As Hardie Board and Fiber Cement become increasingly popular, so does painting and maintaining these exteriors. CertaPro Painters offers painting services for both Hardie Plank and fiber cement siding. You can rest at ease to know our professional team will be handling the job with the upmost skill and experience.

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Check out our Historical Renovation

Historical Renovation

We have updated many styles of homes in our local service area including but not limited to painted ladies, Edwardian, Victorian, cabins, and other homes built between the 1800’s and 1930’s. If your Historic home is in need of a professional painting service, CertaPro Painters® has you covered.

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Check out our Paint Shaving Service

Paint Shaving Service

A safe, economical alternative to stripping paint. Paint shaving is one of the most effective ways to remove old paint from your home. This service is similar to paint stripping, but we utilize a different type of tool called a paint shaver to complete the job.

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Check out our Painting and Staining

Painting and Staining

At CertaPro Painters® of Eastern Monmouth County, NJ we offer a variety of interior and exterior home painting and staining services, including your home’s deck and fencing. Regardless of the room inside your home that needs an update or the area of your home’s exterior that needs protection from Mother Nature, our team works with you to determine the best plan of action for your home.

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Check out our Power Washing

Power Washing

Power washing is a vital step in painting the exterior of your home. CertaPro Painters® of Eastern Monmouth County, NJ uses the process to remove mold, oil and old paint so new paint absorbs into your surface better.

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Check out our Shiplap Installation

Shiplap Installation

ertaPro Painters® provides shiplap installation services to the local community. Shiplap is a decorative wood element that can add visual appeal to many interior spaces. From accent walls to sun rooms, shiplap is a beautiful design choice. If you are wanting to add shiplap to some of your interior spaces, our painting team can provide you with a seamless installation service from start to finish.

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Check out our Stucco Repairs and Painting

Stucco Repairs and Painting

As with any other home exterior, it’s important to maintain the stucco or EIFS (also known as synthetic stucco) covering your home. The CertaPro Painters® of Eastern Monmouth County, NJ team is very knowledgeable in both repairs and painting related to these two materials and will work alongside you to determine what services your home needs.

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Check out our Vinyl and Aluminum Siding Painting

Vinyl and Aluminum Siding Painting

Whether you have high-tech vinyl siding or a more traditional siding, CertaPro Painters® of Eastern Monmouth County, NJ knows how to restore them. Our team has the right approach to add new life to your exteriors.

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Check out our Wallpaper Removal

Wallpaper Removal

Removing wallpaper can be a tricky task. The crew at CertaPro Painters® of Eastern Monmouth County, NJ is skilled in removing wallpaper and will make this time-consuming task, hassle-free for you. All you’ll have to do is enjoy the final look.

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Check out our Wood Rot Repair

Wood Rot Repair

Have you noticed any signs of wood rot or decay? CertaPro Painters® offers wood rot repair services to your local area. Working with our professionals we can help to ensure that your exterior wood surfaces are properly repaired and sealed with the correct products.

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Chris was very professional and personable. I had the estimate before he left the house!!! It is a very reasonable estimate. I had used CertaPro before and was very happy with the result.

- Deborah G.

Deborah G.

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Your Trusted & Highly Recommended Local Painters in Tinton Falls, NJ

Finding the best contractor among all local painting contractors saves you valuable time and money in the long run. Choosing from all the local painting companies may seem a little daunting at first. If so, evaluate them all based on the below key points.

Keep Three Things in Mind When Choosing From Various Painting Contractors

  • Company Reputation: How are previous customers describing their experience with the painting company?
  • Written Proposal: Is their proposal detailed and in writing? Or does it seem like an informal estimate?
  • Professionalism: What is your first impression of the sales representative / estimator? Also, were all of your questions or concerns addressed? And are you confident with their answers to your questions?

Three Reasons CertaPro Painters® Eastern Monmouth County became your BEST Local Painting Contractor Option

  • Company Reputation: CertaPro Painters is your most trusted and referred local painter. Since you are already here, read our reviews.
  • Written Proposal: CertaPro Painters provides detailed, customized written proposals at the time of your appointment, while also backing our work with a  written warranty.
  • Professionalism: CertaPro Painters is the brand of Certainty. We deliver what we promise, on time and on budget.

Keep these things in mind as you talk with various contractors. You will quickly learn CertaPro Painters is the best contractor for your painting project, by far.

Hiring the best painting contractor makes all the difference. As a result you’ll get beautiful finishes and a smooth, positive customer experience.

painting services

CertaPro were fantastic! The crew showed up on time, worked neatly and very fast! They were very courteous and masked the whole time. I feel like I’m in a brand new house and couldn’t be happier!

- Laura T.

Laura T.

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Getting Started With Us

We have paint contractors in Tinton Falls waiting to help you with your remodeling or renovation project. All you have to do is take the first step in contacting us for a quote. Once we receive your quote request, we will assess your needs, and provide you with an estimate for the work that needs to be completed. If that estimate falls in line with your budget, we will schedule a time to start the project.

You do not need to worry about managing the project. We do it all for you. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the results.

Speaking of results, we are committed to your complete satisfaction. After the project is complete, we will ask you to do a walk through. This is to ensure our work meets your expectations. Now that you know how we work and what we offer, let’s get started. Contact us now for a quote.

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CertaPro Painters® of Eastern Monmouth County serves many areas in the Tinton Falls Community. To see what other areas we serve view our list below.

Tinton Falls, NJ Ideas & Inspiration

View some of our blogs for tips and tricks on house painting in the Tinton Falls, NJ area and our involvement with the community. Check our community page for more inspiration.